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Christmas 2013


Christmas of 2013. The SADDEST Christmas ever, which I didn't think could happen knowing how depressing Christmas 2010 was for us, which was when we fell into the deep, dark abyss of the Sister Wives marathon on TLC.

While we took advantage of every fun moment and tradition we could fit into December, the 25th left us without Parker and Maddy- Parker was in the Dominican Republic on a "non-service" service project with his GF and family, and of course Maddy was living it up, celebrating Christmas for THREE straight days as an LDS missionary in Denmark. Thankfully, the little boys had no idea they were getting the raw end of the deal.

Beck Christmas Tree Farm in Alpine.  A new-ish tradition for our family.  And while it looks really pretty, the snow doesn't help ... other than motivating everyone to agree on a tree quickly.

We chose to chop it/saw it down ourselves ... but only because we had Parker with us who is 22 and still has good knees. It was crooked and we ended up having to chop off another 2 feet.  And that's
when I declared no more real Christmas trees. 

And because we like huge crowds and annoying people, we hit up City Creek and Temple Square
the Saturday before Christmas.

And of course we stopped by Uncle Mikie's place because "new shoes for everyone!" 
Just kidding- new shoes for Parker, Taylor, and me.  
And the boys played hide and seek with D.  Apparently, it was exhausting.

Christmas morning ... just the three amigos with some amazing bed head. 
With Star Wars pajamas and Legos for all.

Mads with her companion trainer, Sister Rogers.  Sweaters by H&M, in Denmark. 
Everything's better in Denmark.  Including bricks, pavers, and Christmas sweaters. 

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