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What Ten Years Feels Like


(My handsome dates for my anniversary dinner. 
 I chose sushi.  It was bad. 
No more sushi for long time.)

Ten years, and it feels like way more.  We were put through the ringer the first year of our marriage- I highly DO NOT recommend going through a custody evaluation/court battle during those first 12 months. No fun.  Neither is trying to get pregnant  in the middle of it, and failing miserably.  Which is a crazy thing to do, anyway.  But by the end of that first year, we had Parker and Maddy and a baby on the way.  And we celebrated at KFC-  Aaron's choice.

To say that we don't celebrate our anniversary like we should is the understatement of the year.  We are horrible at it.  (I mean, sushi on a Tuesday night at a restaurant 5 minutes away, with your 4 year old in tow, to celebrate ten years?)  But what we do really well is love each other through the every day, mundane, imperfect, and demanding parts of our life together.  We don't always agree.  And, occasionally, we argue.  But those butterflies that fluttered so often in the early years have woven a pretty cozy and familiar blanket around my heart.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me and my life, and I love him a whole lot.

We're thinking that maybe we'll go big with the 10 1/2 year mark.  Or 11.  Any good trip suggestions out there?


Amy Coontz said...

Loved it! Our anniversaries are pretty low key too.

Stephanie said...

Seriously, a cozy blanket? You're an artist. I recommend Hawaii, of course. But I really recommend Disney with NO kids.

Happy 10 Years! You're the Best!

brooke said...

I'm with Stephanie--you are a poet!
That was beautiful.

I like how you celebrate. I recommend Hawaii as well, but to be honest, I don't think the big trips are as good as the little one on one dates in a cozy restaurant with big diet cokes and a shared plate of nachos. I love Sam the most when we are laughing about something really dumb and enjoying a night out together.

That's not to say you shouldn't squeeze a great trip out of it or maybe a nice piece of furniture...

grandma jojo said...

i agree you are a poet. the "cozy familiar blanket" got to me. i love you so much. thanks for loving "my" children!
btw i remember your second anniversary. i think you may have ended up at KFC that night too.