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His "Mad" Face


Today Jack was standing in front of the television when Maxwell said "Uh, Jack's toe is bleeding."  Jack had no idea his big toe was a bloody mess. And no idea how it ended up that way.  So we went to Alpine Pediatrics where the Nurse Practitioner told Jack he was a very brave boy, and wouldn't need stitches.  RELIEVED!  She cleaned his toe, bandaged it up nicely, and sent him home with a sucker, a bouncy ball, and a sticky hand that is now semi-permanently stuck to the vaulted ceiling.  Awesome.

I told Jack to make a happy face for a picture for Dad.  He preferred his mad face, and there you have it.


brooke said...

He is very very brave and I'm dying that he has no idea how it became a bloody mess. I bawl when I stubb my toe. He must be tough. Love the mad face.

AND, I'm sorry Max didn't win the space ship derby thing. That was very kind of Grant and Aaron to help with it. That is the exact kind of project that puts me into a cold sweat and makes me pray for deliverance. May I never be in scouts....

grandma jojo said...

Nice try Jack, but your mad face doesn't look very mad. Good for you for being so brave.