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Christmas 2010


Christmas 2010
(I am in an honest enough mood to admit that this is not my favorite picture of my kids. And it was $15.) 

I promised Aaron that I wouldn't write about how this was our worst Christmas ever, so I won't.  So let's remember these things:

1. The conversation I had with Charlie just days before Christmas ... said in the midst of grumpy, overly hyper kids throwing Legos at each other

Me: You know what I want for Christmas? I want kids that will get along!
Charlie: Do you mean new kids, or us? 

2. Having my dad sleepover on Christmas Eve and spend all of Christmas day with us- something he never does.

3. Fun parties and dinners with friends, family, and neighbors. Including our very first non-kid New Year's Eve celebration. Sign me up for that next year!

4. Visiting the Santa at Gateway Mall that was  grumpy and missing most of his bottom teeth.  He went on to scold me about what my kids had told him they want for Christmas- all Nintendo Dsi's.  And while this whole experience put me in a bad mood, I'm throwing it on my list so I'll remember next year where NOT to take our kids.
(p.s. I think Max is starting to question the existence of Santa, as I guess he should at 8 years old.)
5. Talking to Parker for a little over an hour.  That was definitely the highlight of our Christmas. The little boys said hello and I love and miss you, and then went on to play with new toys.  I was in the middle of making dinner, so I popped in and out of the conversation.  Aaron and Maddy were glued to the phone.  It was the best for how hard it was. Still missing him a lot.

(p.s. his being gone is the reason this was our worst Christmas ever.)
We've already made reservations at The Morgan Bed and Breakfast in California for next Christmas.  And no one can talk me out of it.


deb and colin said...

I am proud of your positive attitude! Christmas kind of stinks when everyone is not together. Glad your phone call was good.

grandma jojo said...

I'm very curious about your response to Charlie. Grandpa and I are laughing really hard right now. A very funny but honest quesion.
i'm happy to hear you have reservations next year in CA!
There might be a good reason Santa was missing all of his bottom teeth, he scolded another mother and she let him have it!
btw this was probably one of our worst Christmases too. It's really no fun being alone (together) on Christmas :(