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New York City In June or The Day We Saw Tom Cruise

Let's finale this thing before the details get lost in the fog of my memory.

So, New York City was incredible.  What I wasn't prepared for?  How stinky it was.  And dirty.  No one tells you "I love New York City- it's so dirty and gross!"  But I will tell you.  Every night I came back to hotel room wanting to take a shower.  Nevertheless, I loved it and want to go back.  So the awesomeness definitely outweighs the grossness. 

We drove from Rochester into the city.  The drive was beautiful.  But navigating Manhattan on your own- I don't recommend doing that.  

Lincoln Tunnel- when you come out on the other side, you enter complete chaos. 

See?  Complete chaos.  We stayed at the Marriott Times Square.  The same hotel where just a few weeks earlier, a van with a bomb was parked in front of.  That did great things for my anxiety level.  But our hotel is to the right of us.  And Aaron, after driving around in circles trying to get to our hotel, ended up ditching me and the kids in a "Bus Loading Only" zone, and then took off.  I checked us in, got us up to our room.  And then sat on the bed on the verge of having an anxiety attack.

We were there from Friday-Wednesday.  And we packed it in.  One thing I realized once we got home is that we are horrible at taking pictures on vacations. This was at the top of Rockefeller Center. (Or Top of The Rock.)   

More from the top of Rockefeller Center.  Parker holding The Empire State Building.  We went there, too, but no pictures. 

 The M&M Store.  I'm sticking this picture on here just because we miss Parker and his antics.  

 Aaron (and Parker) loved the NBC Store.  Somehow, I missed it. 

The Museum of Modern Art.  We are not art people, and I'm just going to be honest and say we didn't love it.  Anyway, that wall behind Parker and Maddy, and Starry Nights, is temporary.  And the security guard freaked out over how close the kids were to the painting and the wall.  Whoops. We left after that. 

 Outside of Carnegie Deli.  The pastrami was heaven.  

Sunday, after church.  Now that would have been a good sight seeing picture to take- outside of the LDS church/Temple building.  But nope- no picture there, either.  We went to Sacrament meeting- it was incredible.  Small chapel in a high rise. And the entire congregation had professional voices.  

 My drunk on sprite husband.  "Getcha hands outta thair."

We saw Wicked on Maddy's sweet 16 birthday.  We LOVED it!  I cried my eyes out. 

We finished celebrating Maddy's big day at Serendipity.  After I took this picture, Tom and Suri Cruise walked in and were sat right behind where Parker is sitting.  We were seriously dying!

DYING! It was a memorable birthday moment for Maddy!

Rockefeller Center- where the gold statue man is, and those umbrellas are where the ice skaters skate in the winter time.  We didn't wake up at the crack of dawn to do The Today Show.  But we did hit the JCrew store across the street.  

 Grand Central Station.  

We LOVED the Museum of Natural History.  We ate at the Shake Shack afterward for lunch.  One of the best cheeseburgers I've ever had.  And they had fountain diet coke.  Which, for your information, is hard to find in NYC. 

Aaron took close to one hundred photos of the church and fire station across from Ground Zero.  It was a pretty incredible experience to see it all in person.  

More stuff we don't want to forget; 

1. Juniors- where we would grab breakfast in the morning, and a treat and diet coke at the end of each very long day.
2. Our 30 minute experience on Canal Street.  We didn't see "the good stuff".  
3. The Nannies + kids at the park in the Financial District.
4. Central Park- which smells a lot like urine, and the crazy man who followed us.
5. The peddler on the corner who was selling "The Ultimate Stimulus Package".
6. The Apple Store.
7. The street dancers- they were awesome!
8. The Muslim wedding party in the middle of the street in front of Grand Central Station.

And lastly, a special thank you to Grant & Kelly, and my mom for watching the boys so we could take our big kids on a really fun vacation.  Even though I was a nervous wreck, and was convinced that I was going to die- to the point of actually typing up a will (which we should really have already had on file)- we had the best time, and made really great memories with Parker and Maddy. 

The End. 


grandma jojo said…
thanks for concluding your NYC trip. now i want pastrami!
next time i want to go with you! just a warning.
rabidrunner said…
Next time, hit NYC in November. It doesn't stink in November.
Stephanie said…
Dying!!! I thought Suri was a robot in make believe land... He really has a daughter and he takes her to Serendipity? No Way!.... And seriously that's the best pic you could get? You couldn't get Maddy to pose in between?

What a fun trip! Love all the pics! Thanks for the invite! Miss you :-(
deb and colin said…
I have that same "Canal Street" experience! NY is wonderful, you made me want to go back,
brooke said…
You always make me laugh. I'm glad you are blogging again here and there.

I'm dying to know about the "ultimate Stimulus package!"

Love the photo of Tom and Suri. I'm glad to know he is a legit dad and dotes on his daughter.

I've always wanted to go to Serendipity. I love Wicked. Sam loves it more than me. Listens to it in his car and cries and stuff.

I wish there were some photos of you in here!

BTW, don't go to Sun Valley on your girls' trip. Trust me. I didn't want to comment on your facebook thread but that would blow for a girls' trip. We go there every summer for the bar conference. There is NO shopping and very little to do.

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