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Merry Christmas's

It's amazing how heavy the nostalgia becomes when the oldest child leaves home. This week I stumbled upon our family history of Christmas cards.  Still looking for 2004 and 2006 (we missed 2002 and 2009). 

Parker 10, Maddy 7  Married a mere 6 months. When bedtime and Christmas were a piece of cake. 

{2003} Parker 12, Maddy 9, Maxwell 1   One of my favorite family pictures ever. 

{2005} Parker 14, Maddy 11, Maxwell 3, Charlie 1 I like to call this our honest family picture.  Grumpy baby.  Fed up toddler.  Happy big kids.  And the crazy part- I had just found out that we were (unexpectedly) expecting another baby. 4 weeks pregnant. 

{2007} Parker 16, Maddy 13, Maxwell 5, Charlie 3, Jack 1

{2008} Parker 17, Maddy 14, Maxwell 6, Charlie 4, Jack 2

{2010} Parker 19, Maddy 16, Maxwell 8, Charlie 6, Jack 4
The oldest on a mission, the youngest completely potty trained.  Middle aged parents, self sufficient kids.  Ever evolving life and family.  At the end of my trip down Christmas card memory l…

New York City In June or The Day We Saw Tom Cruise

Let's finale this thing before the details get lost in the fog of my memory.

So, New York City was incredible.  What I wasn't prepared for?  How stinky it was.  And dirty.  No one tells you "I love New York City- it's so dirty and gross!"  But I will tell you.  Every night I came back to hotel room wanting to take a shower.  Nevertheless, I loved it and want to go back.  So the awesomeness definitely outweighs the grossness. 

We drove from Rochester into the city.  The drive was beautiful.  But navigating Manhattan on your own- I don't recommend doing that.  

Lincoln Tunnel- when you come out on the other side, you enter complete chaos. 

See?  Complete chaos.  We stayed at the Marriott Times Square.  The same hotel where just a few weeks earlier, a van with a bomb was parked in front of.  That did great things for my anxiety level.  But our hotel is to the right of us.  And Aaron, after driving around in circles trying to get to our hotel, ended up ditching me…