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We Have Ourselves A Missionary

Or a "mishamary" as Jack and Charlie call him.  He's been in the MTC for 11 days, and it already feels like forever.  I keep waiting for him to walk in the back door, 5 minutes after curfew.

Can I admit that I miss him more than I thought I would?  I mean, I knew I would miss the kid.  As hard as it was to "parent" him, and there were some difficult days, I knew from past experiences with Scout Camp, soccer tournaments, and EFY that when he's gone for a any amount of time, he is sorely missed by everyone in our house.  But this is so much worse than Scout Camp or EFY.  There's a BIG empty spot in our house and it's sad.

We got our first letter last Tuesday.  He loves the MTC, his district, and the church.  We laughed at his "Parker" humor, and then talked about if we could only be a fly on the wall.  What I would give to see him as a missionary.

The Drop Off Day (just so we don't forget):  He chose sushi for his lunch with the family.…