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New York- The Church History Part

This post is straight up, just the facts and site seeing.  Nothing exciting.  But for me, it was the highlight of our trip. Our second day, we drove from Rochester to Palmyra, and I found myself wanting to house hunt in that cute, quaint, little town.  Between the old brick houses, the sprawling yards with huge trees, I fell in love.  And regrettably, I didn't take any pictures of that part of town.  

We started our tour at the Smith Family farm. 

This used to be the road that was actually used to drive through town.  On the right side is the Smith family house, and Sacred Grove, and on the left is Alvin Smith's house.  The Church eventually created a new paved road.  It is crazy to me that just 20 years ago, people were driving right through the property.

The Palmyra Temple built just across the street from the Smith Family property.  The story is told that after the temple was built, President Hinckley wanted to trim the trees so that you could see the Sacred Grove from the t…

New York- Niagra Falls

Ahhh, New York. Where do I start? We had been telling the kids since we got married that we would take them there. Aaron served in the Rochester, NY mission, and I had always wanted to visit NYC.  The plan had always been to take Parker before he left on his mission (and of course, Maddy, too.) Sadly and unbelievably enough, that time had come.  With mission papers in the works, we planned our trip.

I have to say, my biggest anxiety about this trip was about leaving our little boys.  Aaron and I have never been away from our kids- any of our kids- at the same time, for more than 1 night.  And I so did not want to leave them, but knew that we owed Parker and Maddy some quality vacation time.  And I knew that this kind of vacation would not be fun for the little boys.  So while we planned our vacation, I also planned for our deaths (my travel anxiety always includes someone dying- usually, it's me.)  I wrote a will, gave my brother, Grant, specific instructions, and then prayed m…

It Was Even Flag Day

After talking BIG for years, we finally took Parker and Maddy to New York.  But this post is only about one of our many sight seeing moments.  I'll get to the good stuff later.    

On June 14th, Flag Day, we took the subway to see the Statue of  Liberty.

(Sorry.  No pictures of us on the subway.) 

While on the subway, and riding southward sideways, I realized I had not taken my motion/car/slight movement sickness meds.

Headache.  Feeling slightly sicky.  But resolved to be strong and recover quickly because we were going to see the Statue of Liberty, dang it.  And on Flag Day, no less.  And you have to know, I LOVE the Statue of Liberty. LOVE.

As we walked towards the boat, I stopped dead in my tracks.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I obviously wasn't thinking.  I saw the boats, on the water, rocking. Violently.  And in what Aaron deemed my Oscar worthy "Best Drama" performance, I immediately broke into tears.

"I can't do it, Aaron.  I can't…