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5 Good Reasons For Mother's Day


pictured here- by KM

Every day I pray for compassion, understanding, and patience. And for them.

When I walk into a room with clothes spilled all over the floor, with Transformers and cars intermingled with socks, and a piece of dried, crusty bread underneath the bed.  Because little boys think it's fun to throw throw a laundry basket of white socks and mini boxer briefs onto the floor while they jump on their beds.  Because life is a great big party, and that party deserves huge chunks of confetti, and let's serve some bread for desert. 

Or when a teenager comes home at 1:30AM after asking for an extended curfew, and then extending it a little bit longer on his own. 

Or when I find a pair of shoes by the front door, and the garage door, and on the stairs, and next to the couch ... and a sweatshirt on the kitchen floor and then another one on the back of the couch. 

And especially when my request for help picking up the house is met with groans and whining. Multiple times, daily. 

And then there are the moments when I hear one little boy say to another "I love Mommy", and my heart melts.  And the teenager says "it was fun hanging out with you", and my heart feels like it is about to burst.  And the other teenager cleans the entire kitchen without being asked, and I wonder how she knew I needed that today.  Those are the times when I think to myself "I wouldn't give up this life for all the money in the world". 

A lot of times, I am not a soft and quiet mom.  I can be harsh and abrasive.  I can be strict with consequences and logic.  But I know, that aside from God, no one can love my kids like I do, or as much as I do. 

The thought often comes to my mind, usually when I am frustrated with a mess or bad behavior- "it is your job to train these children"- and not just in teaching them to keep a clean room, or what telling a LIE is, but other things too.  To help them become good fathers and a good mother.  To be a faithful and supportive spouse. To help them learn to be good citizens, and to care about our history, our freedom, and our Earth.  To develop strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and to "love one another".  To give freely, and question what the world offers boldly.  To be brave and true in living their life.  To value education and learning, and reading and writing. To know how to use "their" and "there" and "your" and "you're", especially on FB.  That there will be a million opportunities in this life, and to take advantage of all of the GOOD ones.  And not to forgot- a big hug can make all the difference. 

On this Mother's Day, I want my kids to know how much I love them, and that I am the luckiest mom in the whole entire world five times over! 



brooke said...

I totally relate to this post. I spend most of my days barking at my kids and then the rest of the day feeling bad about it. You are one of the best moms I know and you have awesome kids to show for it--all five of them.

Happy Mother's Day!

grandma jojo said...

i LOVE you. thank you for being the wonderful mother and wife that you are ~ does you're fit here?jk
my grandchildren are very blessed to have you for their (not there) mother. aaron is blessed to have you for his wife. i am blessed to have you for a daughter in-law.
and in case you don't remember; i love the way you write.

Neva said...

All I can say is "AMEN"