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The Day It Snowed In May

It snowed today.  And my piano playing children feel it necessary to pound out Christmas carols while the others sing along.

I can honestly say that snow in the month of May is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

But in an exchange over Gmail Chat with Aaron this afternoon, I came to realize something really important.  As I was trying to talk him into rescuing me from the hell of my current condition- trapped in frigid temperatures when the sun should be shining it's way into my heart.  And Aaron telling me that we would never be able to sell our house in this market EVEN IF he wanted to rescue me- I stopped to think about the other things I would be complaining about if we were ever to move back to California.

And I realized this:  If the only thing I have to complain about living in Utah is lingering too cold weather, then I shouldn't be complaining. And with that, I just want to say that I am a very blessed girl.

The Love Story of Aaron & Mandee

This month we will celebrate 9 years of happy marriage.  I love that we got married on the last day of May because it leaves me all month long to think about why I love Aaron.  He is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me.
Since his birthday is at the end of the month as well, I've decided to celebrate him and his awesomeness for the next two weeks- on the blog, and at home.   This was a post from the old blog- and one of my favorites.  I begged Aaron to play along, and he did, which was painful for him. But I will forever be grateful because his answers make me laugh every time I read them.  
So without further adieu, I give a reprisal of:
The HE SAID, SHE SAID version of The Love Story of Aaron and Mandee

1. Where did you meet your wife/husband?
He Said:UVSC parking lot
She Said: At at dance for single people ages 25-30, at UVSC. I was 24, and he was 32.

2. What was the first thing you said to your wife/husband?
He Said: Have you ever seen a dancers body before? It…

5 Good Reasons For Mother's Day

pictured here- by KM
Every day I pray for compassion, understanding, and patience. And for them.
When I walk into a room with clothes spilled all over the floor, with Transformers and cars intermingled with socks, and a piece of dried, crusty bread underneath the bed.  Because little boys think it's fun to throw throw a laundry basket of white socks and mini boxer briefs onto the floor while they jump on their beds.  Because life is a great big party, and that party deserves huge chunks of confetti, and let's serve some bread for desert. 
Or when a teenager comes home at 1:30AM after asking for an extended curfew, and then extending it a little bit longer on his own. 
Or when I find a pair of shoes by the front door, and the garage door, and on the stairs, and next to the couch ... and a sweatshirt on the kitchen floor and then another one on the back of the couch. 
And especially when my request for help picking up the house is met with groans and whinin…