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More Sunday Videos- This one is for Remi



Jack singing "The Monkey Song"

Untitled from Aaron & Mandee Grant on Vimeo.

5 little monkeys swinging in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Alligator "Can't catch me, no you can't catch me!"
Along comes Mr. Alligator quiet as can be,
And SNAPS that monkey right out of that tree.

P.S. Yes, he is Grant Junior.


Laura and the family said...

Awwww! i COULD read his lip. He did nice job, especially holding the fingers while he was counting the monkeys down.

Abby said...

Remi LOVED it!!! We watched it 5 times in a row, she kept saying gin,gin (again). She loves her cousins.

grandma jojo said...

i love how he looked at his fingers each time trying to figure out which ones should be up and which ones should be down.
Jack you are way toooooooo cute!

Heather said...

Jack is the best! I love his way of counting!

Neva said...

So,so cute! Jack is so big now. I loved seeing every bit of the videos. I miss you all so much and being at your house. Good job Jack!
Kisses to you all.
Love you, Granny

Neva said...

He looks so cute in his suit

Reynolds Family said...

Oh my goodness-he gets even cuter-which I didn't think was possible! I have a video of Asher doing this same song-weird.