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The Best Surprise Party Ever


Eleven years ago this month,  I had broken up with a serious "I might marry you" boyfriend, and heard that I didn't get the job at Franklin Covey that I was positively without a doubt sure I was going to get.  When I went to a friend's house for consolation and good advice, she said "It's okay ... life is like a big surprise party! Sometimes it's hard to understand, but in the end, everything will work out!"

I was 24 at the time.  And trying to find the right place for me.  The right job, the right place to live, the right person to marry ... trying to figure out just WHERE I was supposed to be.  And having been so sure of a certain person, and a certain job, only to find out that they weren't such sure things, gave me cause to doubt myself.

Little did I know that my Surprise Party wasn't far away.  Two weeks later, Franklin Covey called to offer me the job.  And a month after that I met Aaron.  It's true.  Life is a big, (and constant) (both good and not so good) surprise party.  And I was reminded of that when I watched this video. 

On a side note, thanks to Michael Buble for a happy song and video- which seems to be rare these days.


grandma jojo said...

i love you Mandee.

Neva said...

Ah that was so sweet. I remember those days of your life and I'm so thankful Aaron came into your life!

Loved reading your blog and love you and your family. I'm so blessed to have you all forever.
love you, Mom

Janna said...

that was fun. loved it. thanks mandee!

brooke said...

I can relate so much to the surprise party element of life. I always like to plan plan plan and I like to have things go as planned but sometimes the man upstairs has other plans for us and it took me a long time to figure that out.

I love how your life turned out. Aaron is the best and you have the cutest family--what a great surprise for you!

The video is great. I've never seen Michael Buble in real life so I didn't even know what he looked like. I love his voice. He did look like he was wearing lipstick in the video but I blame that on make-up crew. The girl is so cute in the video. It is refreshing to see a girl who is darling and not at all skanky and trashy with tons of make-up and cleavage as the love interest in a video...

Loved you guys on Little Chocolatiers--hilarious.

Mandee said...

I love you, too, JoAnn.

Mom- ditto that!

Janna- you're welcome!

Brooke- Amen to having to learn that I'm not in charge. And I love how my life turned out, too. Waiting to find Aaron was worth every crappy boyfriend I ever had.

Stephanie said...

Here we come!