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Jack's First Primary Talk

Jack gave his first talk in Primary last Sunday.  I asked Aaron if I could video tape it at church, but he said that would be tacky.  So we video'd him later at home.  It's 4 minutes of complete family chaos, just know that it went off without a hitch in Primary.

Also note;

1- The "other people" that Jack refers to- during singing time, the chorister had kids help her hold up pictures while they were singing.  Jack felt strongly that he needed "other people" to help him hold his pictures.

2-  I already know that I sound like a mean mom when I'm telling Jack to leave his jacket alone.  But I wasn't trying to be mean- and I didn't feel mean when I said it. 

3- I can't figure out how to edit the video, so there are 2 minutes of typical Grant family chaos at the end.  But make sure you tell Aaron what a great voice he has.

Jack's First Primary Talk from Aaron & Mandee Grant on Vimeo.

More fun in Primary-  Max was also spotlighted in Sr.…

The Best Surprise Party Ever

Eleven years ago this month,  I had broken up with a serious "I might marry you" boyfriend, and heard that I didn't get the job at Franklin Covey that I was positively without a doubt sure I was going to get.  When I went to a friend's house for consolation and good advice, she said "It's okay ... life is like a big surprise party! Sometimes it's hard to understand, but in the end, everything will work out!"

I was 24 at the time.  And trying to find the right place for me.  The right job, the right place to live, the right person to marry ... trying to figure out just WHERE I was supposed to be.  And having been so sure of a certain person, and a certain job, only to find out that they weren't such sure things, gave me cause to doubt myself.

Little did I know that my Surprise Party wasn't far away.  Two weeks later, Franklin Covey called to offer me the job.  And a month after that I met Aaron.  It's true.  Life is a big, (and constant)…

The Way It Is

-someone needs to clean that mirror-
Life is busy, and our kids are awesome and crazy, and I don't want to forget life, the way it is, right now.  So, we'll start with ...

Parker:  Is almost finished with his second semester of college.  Which he paid all on his own.  He's still working at Kneaders (everyone's favorite Kneaders boy), going to school, and helping his (real) mom with her boys.  Oh, and he managed to get his Eagle Project finished in the nick of time- without any help or pressure from us.  One of our proudest moments!  Last Sunday, I walked into Sacrament Meeting to see him sitting on the stand to bless the Sacrament.  I immediately welled up with tears- I felt so proud of him.  This boy has been so good lately.  He makes us laugh, is mostly nice to his siblings, and has good friends.  Love him!

Maddy:  Working hard to keep her grades up- close to a 4.0.  Since college is just around the corner for her, "we" are busy making sure she doesn'…

Be Lise

We're off to a bad start today.  After two time outs for Max, for being rude to both of his brothers, and the message still not sinking in, I decided to try sentences.  I told him "I want you to write, 20 times, 'I will be nice to my brothers', and then bring it to me."

And this is what he brought to me.   Apparently I didn't annunciate the "N" in nice very well.  Other than that, he clearly followed my directions.  After we had a talk about what I really meant, and a quick spelling lesson (n-i-c-e) I settled for fifteen sentences, and now ... hoping for a good rest of the day.

At The Movies

Today is the last day a spring break.  We usually spend the week in California, where we lounge around the pool, spend time at the beach, soak up every ounce of ocean air- and then casually look at houses and try to justify actually packing up and moving our happy life to better weather.

This year, we did none of that.  And through the snow and crappy weather, I lived to promise Aaron and the kids that we will NEVER stay in Utah for spring break ever again. Ever, ever, ever.

We had two days of "Fun Mom" though.  On Wednesday, I took the kids to see that Dragon movie in 3D.  And from the pictures you can tell it was serious business.  I even splurged and treated them to the Theater Kids Meal.  Actually, I went all out, and we had lunch at the Thanksgiving Point Deli, and then walked around the entry of the Dinosauer Museum, before movie time ... we had a good 90 minutes to kill. And I probably spent just as much money on our outing.

Thursday, I took them to the park in Alpi…

Charlie In The Middle

I found these pictures stashed in the photo library on the computer this week.  Sadly and regrettably, I have to admit that Charlie's life as a baby is a blur.  If I could have one "baby do-over", without a doubt, I would choose Charlie.

On the flip side, today and yesterday he has been a terror.  Yesterday, he took off with a neighbor boy and didn't tell me where he was going.  I drove through the neighborhood yelling his name, calling almost every neighbor that has a child his age, and mass texting "Is Charlie at your house? Will you send him home so I can spank him? Thanks!"

(I'm kidding about the spanking part.)

Today, he hung on my wood shutters, breaking each individual shutter slat off it's hinge.

(No do overs for today or yesterday.) 

I had been thinking earlier this week, after finding these pictures, how my Charlie's baby life got swallowed up by older siblings, and the surprise pregnancy of little brother.  And in selling and buil…