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Why Today is Better Than Yesterday


 (Even Spidey needs to practice piano. Jack- 3 years old)

By 4pm yesterday, I wanted the day to be over.

Yesterday, Jack and I power-struggled over potty training.  You know what they say about one step forward, two steps back ... I believe it's Jack's potty training mantra.  But today, we accomplished a poop in the potty, and mom is happy.

Yesterday I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Brooke reminded me that I hadn't had my weekly dose.  But I forgot the salt.  Today, I tried again.  I didn't forget the salt, but I burned the first batch.  Still, better than yesterday.

Yesterday, I didn't get any mail.  Today, I got a fun package from Stephanie, and a gift card from Dear Lizzie. But no note on the gift card.  I don't know if it was meant to be anonymous, but a huge, heartfelt, sincere thank you to whomever it is from.  And to my sweet friend Stephanie, too.

Yesterday, I had dinner with some of my favorite people.  Good friends from our old neighborhood that miss a lot.  I didn't want the day to be over while I was at dinner, but it was short lived because every minute of our family schedule is accounted for, and I had to leave after an hour to be somewhere else ... just as important.

Yesterday, I found out I am in charge of decorating Maxwell's classroom door on Monday.  It's teacher appreciation week, and I was one of two moms that volunteered to help.  I am not crafty, nor creative.  But I am helpful.  And when I have projects like this, I feel overwhelmed and can't function until I have it all figured out.  And even then, I am horrible at execution.  The door will be ugly. I just need to prepare myself for disappointment.  And I hate that.

Yesterday, I didn't do any laundry.  Today, right now, I am on my 5th load.  I don't like doing laundry, but I like for my boys to have clean underwear.

Yesterday, my boys ran out of clean underwear.  Today, they have clean underwear.

Speaking of underwear, Jack has almost depleted his collection. Because I toss when it comes to potty training.

I totally forgot to pick the kids from school- but that was today.  Sometimes, I hate carpool.  I am probably better off taking and picking my kids up from school EVERYDAY.  Why am I not doing that anyway?  Next year, no carpool.

Yesterday was cold, windy, rainy, and then snowy.  Today is just cold and windy.

And finally, today is one day closer to the weekend.  And I LOVE the weekend.


Deby said...

Some days are like that. At least you have a good attitude about it!

Hopefully tomorrow something will be better than today. That is all we can hope for sometimes.

I love you. You can do this!

Oh, for advice like decorating classroom doors totally ask Laura. She'll send you pictures, cutouts and everything. You'll be the envy of all the other mothers. :)

Laura and the family said...

Deby is right that we all have our good and bad days. I do enjoy your positive attitudes.

This year, I feel bad because I often work late while David picks the boys up daily because parents and county people have high expectations. I have survived!

Oh I wish I have someone do it for me! But I am willing to share my ideas.

This one, it that I stole the idea for the door decorations. I have attached the website for you to look for ideas:

Except I didn't steal this idea. I create a so-so theme, "Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Success." You can have colorful flower die cuts from the office, and make light/dark grass and white picket fence. On the flower petals, put their picture faces on the flower petals. If they are old enough to write, they can write they had learned from their teacher on a flower petals.

Hope it helps.

Heather said...

Do you want a new oatmeal cookie recipe? we just made some tonight.....Oatmeal, Coconut & MnM's. They were pretty tasty!

Your door will be wonderful.....and if it isn't....who cares. Nobody will remember it next year anyway....wonderful or not! And every other mom in that class is so grateful for YOU, because THEY are not the ones doing it!

Neva said...

Hope you are having a wonderful day today. The Lizzie gift card is from Abby, of course, thoughtful Abby. I love and miss all of you. Kiss the boys for me tell them I love AND MISS THEM VERY MUCH!!

brooke said...

Dang--I was going to take credit for the Dear Lizzie gift card but your mom beat me to the punch.

I throw out underwear like it's disposable because it is. I can't deal with poopy underwear and I've even been known to throw out perfectly good pants that have been "soiled."

I'm glad today is better than yesterday. Baby steps.

grandma jojo said...

and tomorrow will be even better!
Jack will get with the program and one day you will be regaling his wife with his potty training stories - and YOU will laugh.
the cookies? big deal. so they weren't perfect. Aimee once made a big batch of kool-aid and used salt instead of sugar. now that tasted really nasty.
you are very creative - STOP IT! i'm sure whatever you do to the door will be great and Heather is right, next year no one will remember it. that's how it is supposed to be.
about the throwing away the underwear. makes me laugh and remember the days i had to walk to the laundromat with a diaper pail full of smelly diapers, no disposables.
the wind and cold is going to stop - the wind has stopped here so i'm sending you no wind from So Cal.
you are a great mom. give yourself a break.
enjoy your fun gift from Abby.
and SMILE!

grandma jojo said...

oops one more thing.
love the spidy mask. that boy is going to be an actor when he grows up.

Abby said...

You have the best sister EVER! And your the best sister EVER! This is what the note was supposed to say

Happy Birthday Sissy! I love you!

Likely said...

I love this post and your door is going to be great. call me if you need to! really!