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Between Winter And Summer

(Charlie and Jack- March 2010)

Spring weather in Utah is bipolar.  One day it's beautiful and sunshiny, and the next, it's a blizzard.  We don't put the sleds away until we know for sure that Summer is right around the corner.  And dresser drawers are doubled up with both winter and summer clothing.

Pictured above:  This happens to be a really fun way to try to break a bone or two.  The boys jump from the neighbor's picnic table, onto an obstacle course made of sleds, hoping to avoid the football. 

I thought about telling them to stop.  But I didn't.  And if you know how much of a "don't do that!", "stop that!" "you're going to kill yourself!" kind of mom I am, you will be proud that I refrained.

Chipping Apples

Today, Jack got dressed all by himself.

Last night he climbed into bed with me.  And he was wide awake.  At 3 years and 8.5 months, he isn't a baby anymore.  But I still find myself wanting to savor every moment of his littleness, and last night was no different.  I was happy he came down to hang out with me.  And we snuggled up and went to sleep.

But this morning, he woke up and wanted to get his day started!  "I want breakfast, Mom!"
But I needed more Jack love, so I told him I would make him breakfast after he gave me ten hugs.  I hugged, and he counted.  Then I made him toast.

At some point, he sneaked off (let me pause for a moment to say that using the word "sneaked" feels completely awkward to me, but spell check is telling me that "snuck" is not a word)  ... which usually isn't a good thing.  So when Charlie started calling for him, and we found Jack standing at the top of the stairs, all dressed for his day, announcing "HERE!" …

Jumping Jack

It was a whopping 63 degrees yesterday!  In March, in Utah, we call that summertime.  While the boys were at school, Jack and I enjoyed the sunshine!  It was a happy day!

Today was, and still is, windy and cold with some rain.  Sad kids ... sad mom.  Instead of enjoying the sunshine, Jack and I enjoyed some good sales at the Gap.  And an escalator ride in Nordstrom.  C'est la vie.

Why Today is Better Than Yesterday

(Even Spidey needs to practice piano. Jack- 3 years old)
By 4pm yesterday, I wanted the day to be over.

Yesterday, Jack and I power-struggled over potty training.  You know what they say about one step forward, two steps back ... I believe it's Jack's potty training mantra.  But today, we accomplished a poop in the potty, and mom is happy.

Yesterday I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Brooke reminded me that I hadn't had my weekly dose.  But I forgot the salt.  Today, I tried again.  I didn't forget the salt, but I burned the first batch.  Still, better than yesterday.

Yesterday, I didn't get any mail.  Today, I got a fun package from Stephanie, and a gift card from Dear Lizzie. But no note on the gift card.  I don't know if it was meant to be anonymous, but a huge, heartfelt, sincere thank you to whomever it is from.  And to my sweet friend Stephanie, too.

Yesterday, I had dinner with some of my favorite people.  Good friends from our old neighborhood th…