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The Marathon Thanksgiving Vacation


I just spent an hour writing this "amazing post", about "our amazing" fun-filled two week vacation spent between Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Knott's Berry Farm, Newport Beach, Torrance, and San Diego/Temecula ... and LOST it all. My "Welcome Back" to blogging hasn't been very welcoming.

So here's a bunch of pictures to remind us down the road of some of the places we went, and some of the things we did.






cute teenagers

And sweet Jack. There were so many events and people that I didn't get pictures of. So sad about that. But happy to have spent time with all sides of our family.


Laura and the family said...

Didn't it make you feel like you were living in a fast lane during the holidays? That's how we felt when we squeezed our vacation.. but at least you all looked like you had a ball.

Neva said...

Thanks for all the new pictures, I love those kids and was so happy you came to visit.