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Boys Will Be Boys

I often say that I feel like I am raising the family I grew up in.  And that definitely applies to raising our three boys.  Each time we found out we were having a boy, we considered the name "Matthew Michael Grant"- and at times I regret not using that name.  But I can't imagine any of them with different names.  And we ended up with a Matthew, Michael, and a Grant anyway.

I've been DYING for a picture like this.  There are so many similarities between my boys and my brothers.  Some in their physical appearance, and others in personality.

Matt and Maxwell are both more dark skinned than the others.  They both have brown eyes.  And they both give you "that look" that says "are you stupid?".

Mikie and Charlie both LOVE their clothes, have a thing for their ears, and have matching cool hair and blue eyes.  We have on tape from our childhood, Mikie asking "anyone want to play with me?"  Which is a phrase Charlie uses often.  He is always looking for a buddy.  And he is our most tender hearted of the three- much like I remember Mikie, and still occasionally see through the tatoo'd and motorcycle loving man that he is now.

Grant and Jack- an incredible pair.  Jack inherited more from Grant than he did from either me or Aaron.  Aside from the pasty white skin, matching hairline, and green eyes, they also share the personality of Animal from The Muppet Show.  We used to call Grant "Animal" because he was seriously bouncing off the walls as a child.  At one point, he was not allowed to have Koolaid because it sent him through the roof.  Both of them are always trying to get a laugh.  Jack's word of choice happens to be poop, which I think is also Grant's current favorite word.  This is a sample of Jack's prayer almost every night-

Dear Heavenly Father,
thankful for poop.
bless poop.
Name of Jes Chrise, Amen

And last night he climbed into bed with Charlie- wearing swim goggles. Heaven help me. I'm trying. So very hard.

I tell Aaron often "I feel like I just did this!  I grew up with this for how long?  And now I'm back in the middle of it as the mom!"  However, I am grateful.

Dear little brothers, who taught me how to play Super Mario Brothers, make cool dirt roads for cars, and use my core strength in wrestling matches- thank you for teaching me what I needed to know to raise my boys and be a "cool mom" in their eyes. (You should see how excited they are when I get 4000 points after reaching the flagpole on Super Mario Brothers, even if it's only level one.)  And you have no idea how much I love seeing all three of you in them every day of my life.



You are extremely lucky to learn how to live with the boys while you were growing up. It was your advantage because you had all three sons.

As for me, I had no siblings. I usually interact both female and male friends, but never understood what men were thinking. Even I have three men in my household, I still don't understand them.
Neva said…
Love it and thanks for making me cry
George said…
Mandee, I am still laughing at the geometry of three boys. Life is a game of three boys creating their own rules. You were fortunate in being older than the "crime dogs" and are fortunate again in being the oldest but this time with experience. Abby was lucky to have you as her older "sister of wisdom" of how to talk "smack" to dem hairy legged boys. You ruled with class. Your memories make my memories surface with joy.

brooke said…
I love this post.

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