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Sometimes It's a Good Day

University Mall- Orem, Utah
There is little that will get me out of the house during winter time.  Usually it's carpool, and necessary grocery shopping.  The combination of cold weather, and three little crazy boys makes staying home a better option to almost anything. But yesterday the Gap had a big sale.  40% off of everything- including clearance, and that was a sale that I could not miss out on.

So on a rainy, cold day, I packed up the boys, and Maddy came along, too.  We brought some goldfish, and made a deal that if they were good, we would get lunch and play on the Tree House. They agreed.  They not only agreed, but they DID IT!  They were good.  And I found some great deals- jeans for the boys at $6 a pair, you just can't beat that!  So with the help of Maddy, and a double stroller, we survived the crowds and long lines.  Well behaved children and really good deals make me a really happy mom.

We stopped at the food court, had some Chic-Fil-A, and enjoyed our lunch- quie…

Jesus Loves The Sunbeams

And it's a good thing, because this one is naughty.

The Marathon Thanksgiving Vacation

I just spent an hour writing this "amazing post", about "our amazing" fun-filled two week vacation spent between Palm Springs, Bakersfield, Knott's Berry Farm, Newport Beach, Torrance, and San Diego/Temecula ... and LOST it all. My "Welcome Back" to blogging hasn't been very welcoming.

So here's a bunch of pictures to remind us down the road of some of the places we went, and some of the things we did.


cute teenagers

And sweet Jack. There were so many events and people that I didn't get pictures of. So sad about that. But happy to have spent time with all sides of our family.

Boys Will Be Boys

I often say that I feel like I am raising the family I grew up in.  And that definitely applies to raising our three boys.  Each time we found out we were having a boy, we considered the name "Matthew Michael Grant"- and at times I regret not using that name.  But I can't imagine any of them with different names.  And we ended up with a Matthew, Michael, and a Grant anyway.

I've been DYING for a picture like this.  There are so many similarities between my boys and my brothers.  Some in their physical appearance, and others in personality.

Matt and Maxwell are both more dark skinned than the others.  They both have brown eyes.  And they both give you "that look" that says "are you stupid?".

Mikie and Charlie both LOVE their clothes, have a thing for their ears, and have matching cool hair and blue eyes.  We have on tape from our childhood, Mikie asking "anyone want to play with me?"  Which is a phrase Charlie uses often.  He is always …