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This Is Halloween- 2009


(thanks for the picture Steph!)

This very minute I am listening to Britney Spears' "My Only Wish This Year", with a heavy Halloween hangover.

The last 48 hours were packed with something to do or a place to be, and I am exhausted. Happy it's over. Ready for a mild Thanksgiving, and a cozy Christmas spent at home.

But before I put up the Christmas tree, I thought it would be appropriate to add the Halloween of 2009 to the memory keeper.

Don't forget;
  • the hunt for skeleton costumes, all eventually found. I got Max's for $8!
  • the school Falloween Ball where we prepaid for bbq chicken pizza, but ended up with an assortment of pepperoni and cheese. and I had to "pretend" that I was working in the pizza booth just to make sure we ate that night.
  • the early Halloween festivities on Friday, which included 2 extra children, 2 class parties, and my "I'm A Fun Mom" Halloween Party for the boys. Note to self; no more parties ever again cause you are not a "fun mom" like that.
  • that boys are loud and crazy and destructive and like to ruin things and hurt each other.
  • Jazi's baptism on Halloween, and the hour and a half we spent at rest on the Romine's couch in good company. Thanks, we soooo needed that.
  • gorgeous Halloween weather, a fun friend Halloween party with yummy soup, followed by the last minute neighborhood trunk-or-treat event planned by Katie, who ended up at home with sick kids. Poor Katie.
  • Aaron and Grant taking the kids around the neighborhood because even when you trunk-or-treat, the kids still want to trick-or-treat.
  • splitting a Kohler's cake donut with Kelly and talking about their "cool friends" party, and babies, and Thanksgiving plans.

Next year, I say less parties, candy, and chaos. More donuts, family, and friends.


Neva said...

I was hoping I would find a post on your blog regarding your Halloween events, THANKS! I wasn't disappointed.
The boys look so cute in their matching costumes, I love them, tell them granny misses them.
Enjoy your Sunday!
Love you!

Stephanie said...

It was fun to hang out at all the parties! I wish we had Halloween every month!

Go check your email. Did you go to Stake conference?

Reynolds Family said...

You are a fun mom! Just ask my girls about the one they got stuck with :) Love the skeletons...and the boys wearing them!

Katie D. said...

The matching skeletons were so cute.

Sad we missed the parties but glad you had fun!

Neva said...

Ya, thanks for the photo
Mandee's Mom

brooke said...

I love this post--the holy grail search for the skeleton costumes was sooo worth it. The boys look adorable.

I'm so sad Luke couldn't come to the friend party--but then he would think that all moms throw their sons Halloween parties and I can't have that.

You are a fun mom but Halloween brings out the worst in all of us. As I was getting 6 pizzas delivered on Halloween night for a family party I was hosting, I may or may not have yelled at Luke to put the "f-ing" pizza down in a complete rage. The pizza guy was pretty freaked out.

Mandee said...

oh Brooke ... I am laughing at you- but I have to know, did you use the real "f" word, or did you actually say "f-ing"?

Ashley said...

I was there for the pizza incident. I think she actually said the letter F and not the real F bomb, but she's not above that either.

Bravo on the three skeletons with their black and white shoes to boot! You are the master.

Mandee said...

thanks for the clarification Ashley- I wish I had been there to witness it. I'm sure I would have pee'd my pants.

As for my skeletons- they were supposed to have had painted white faces- but they refused. Black beanies- which they lost. And black gloves- that I gave up on since they had blown it already in the area of accessories. Still, they turned out pretty cute.

David and Amanda said...

Adorable. I just want to kiss your little guy, what a cute baby face!

$8 costume...dreams do come true!

Sara said...

Your boys look great in those costumes!

Brown Family said...

So cute, the boys look great Nice job on finding all the costumes! :) I agree, I LOVE DONUTS and I too would like less candy and more donuts next year... I will have to remember that. Maybe I could be the donut and hot cocoa house :)