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Happy Thanksgiving 2009

November 26, 2009- Torrance Beach, CA

We spent Thanksgiving with Aaron's side of the family this year.  And at the last minute, it turned into a marathon vacation.  Which has been great, and fun, and wonderful.  But Jack told Maddy this morning that he wants to go home, so I guess it's time.

This Thanksgiving I felt especially grateful for my family, and was happy to be able to spend so much time them.  We were able to hang out with Abby, and Matt, and my mom in Bakersfield-  then in southern California with Aaron's family.  We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday which landed on Thanksgiving day this year- and gosh do I love her!  I honestly have the worlds BEST mother-in-law!

And I've decided that California has the best weather- even when it rains.  It was nice to remember what it's like to not freeze or have snow on Thanksgiving day.  I have to say, I could live like that again ... easily.  The picture above was taken of all of the grand kids on Aaron'…

This Is Halloween- 2009

(thanks for the picture Steph!)

This very minute I am listening to Britney Spears' "My Only Wish This Year", with a heavy Halloween hangover.

The last 48 hours were packed with something to do or a place to be, and I am exhausted. Happy it's over. Ready for a mild Thanksgiving, and a cozy Christmas spent at home.

But before I put up the Christmas tree, I thought it would be appropriate to add the Halloween of 2009 to the memory keeper.

Don't forget;
the hunt for skeleton costumes, all eventually found. I got Max's for $8!
the school Falloween Ball where we prepaid for bbq chicken pizza, but ended up with an assortment of pepperoni and cheese. and I had to "pretend" that I was working in the pizza booth just to make sure we ate that night.
the early Halloween festivities on Friday, which included 2 extra children, 2 class parties, and my "I'm A Fun Mom" Halloween Party for the boys. Note to self; no more parties ever again cause you are n…