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Happy Birthdays


(Charlie and Maxwell- July 2005)

On Maxwell's 2nd birthday, I was one week from my due date with Charlie. And so done being pregnant. Maxwell had come a week early when he was born, and so I was hoping that this baby would do the same. Only I didn't want him to come on Maxwell's birthday. Any day, except for Maxwell's birthday.

Charlie was born the very next afternoon. I woke up having contractions, and we went to the hospital and had a baby.

2 years, and 1 day apart. I got what I wanted. And ever since then, I have wished that they had just been born on the same day. Because now we have a straight 48 hour time frame of birthday celebration, and I am exhausted after the first twelve.

Which is why Maxwell and Charlie have yet to celebrate their big days with their friends. I always have big plans for a combined friend party, and then chicken out at the last minute. I am such a lame mother.

Dear Max & Charlie,

I love you more than you will ever, ever, ever know. Happy Birthday, little boys.



brooke said...

This post is why I love you. BTW, don't go see Love Happens--so lame.

traci said...

I have a similar story. I was due with my 2nd on my 1st's birthday. I didn't want him to come on my little guy's birthday (although my husband was hoping for it- weird). I went in to labor right after my oldest's birthday party, but didn't end up having my 2nd until the wee hours of the morning. That made them 3 years and 1 day apart. I wish you luck in celebrating their birthdays separate but equal! We struggle.

Nash said...

i have three children. i did the same thing with number 2 not wanting to have her on my oldest bday. i chose to be induced a day later. SO, i have a june 3rd and june 4th. then i got prego with #3 and they told me my due date was june 1st. i almost cried. i was shooting for may 31st. had him on my due date. every year i just go crazy for 3 days even when i make them simple. OH and they are all 3 yrs apart. kicker is i WAS due in may of this year (i miscarried). seriously can't i get pregnant any other time. ha.

Neva said...

I so happy you had them, I love them ans Jack too!

Stephanie said...

Delicious! Happy birthday boys! I love them... Now go take a nap.

Nishant said...

so happy you had them, I love them ans Jack too!
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