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There's Regret, And Then There's REGRET


-on Saturday, I chopped my hair off. I was tired of it. Tired of the length, tired of how long it took to blow it dry, tired of pony tails. At first it was refreshing to have short hair again. And then Aaron saw it, and liked it- but didn't LOVE it. And this morning when I saw that I still had short hair, I was sad. The only consolation I have is that I donated it. So it was worth it ... and it will grow back. After all, it's just hair.


-back in June my friend Tiffany was in town for her brother's wedding. Her brother married Mitt Romney's niece, and her brother also asked my mom (former cookie shop owner) to make some cookies for their wedding celebration. And to make a long, tragic, difficult story short, Mitt Romney and I were in the same room- 6 feet away- and I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to meet him.

He was right there. And Tiffany and I were making a plan-
Tiffany: Okay, what are you going to say to him?
Me: I don't know- hi I'm Mandee and I love you? What should I say?
Tiffany: Gosh, I don't know. I'm so nervous for you.

Something like that, anyway.

We decided to get some food, figuring he would get some food, too, and then I could introduce my nerdy self over cookies.

But he never did. He left.

And it was over, just like that.

And the moral of the story is ... cutting your hair regret is nothing compared to not meeting Mitt Romney regret.


traci said…
Oh, Mandee, I am so sorry about the Mitt Romney situation. I would have done the same thing. I think my hands would have been so sweaty, so I understand you taking your time to try and figure it all out. I know there will be another opportunity to talk with him and it will be better than this one would have ever been. Also, I have an appoint. Thurs. to cut all my hair off. I know I might regret it, like you (although I know you look beautiful), but I am still going through with it. I might have a post about regrets soon.
American Mom said…
Darn you - the love of your political dreams and you didn't talk to him!!

However, I know you look beautiful with your shorter look - no regrets! I had my gal cut mine a little shorter last week and I shed a small tear, but I was reminded that it will grow back.
well, if he had seen you with your sassy new short hair ...he probably would have approached you!
rabidrunner said…
It's cute. Super cute.
Anonymous said…
Mandee you look beautiful! Seriously, gorgeous.

And Mitt will find you some day...I know it. ;)
brooke said…
If these are your life's greatest regrets--you are doing pretty well.

At least you didn't pick the wrong guy--poor poor Reid--I shed actual tears for him tonight on the "After the Final Rose." Okay, I will shut up forever about Bachelorette.

I really like the short hair--but I liked the long hair too. You did the right thing in donating it...and you're right--it will grow back. I will never cut my hair short again. I've done it every year and regretted it every single time. I will probably look like Crystal Gale when I'm 40 because I just can't cut it again.

Don't let the Mitt thing haunt you. It wasn't meant to be that time. Just think how great the next meeting will be because you will know the perfect thing to say.

Friday sounds good--I'll email you.
katherine said…
Your hair looks totally cute! I always regret cutting my hair... I'm going to stop doing that now :) It is worth cutting it for donation though!

I regret not knowing about the reception so I could crash it and drag your cute little fanny over to meet Mitt! At least you are "related" to him now :) Let me know when the next family party is, we can meet him together!
Likely said…
HA HA HA HA!!!! That was such a funny night. We were both such nerds. I DID touch him though. He said excuse me to me as he was trying to get by the punch bowl area and instead of moving I backed into him and he grabbed my elbow. fantastic.

I guess one reason I didn't want to walk up to him with you and go gaga over him was that my brother had already mentioned that as soon as he came everyone went over and talked with him instead of he and his bride and the spotlight turned and I felt sad for that. But, yes we were nerdy losers that night for not introducing ourselves. And our plan failed MISERABLY!!!!

But as mentioned before, we are related now and you better believe I am on Mitt alert for you.... this won't happen again.

and your hair is so cute! I remember when I chopped mine. And I mean chopped. It was actually because your brother said he thought short hair was hot and so I chopped it. funny. Anyway, my mom said, I never knew how pretty your face was until you chopped your hair.

Gee, thanks Mom!

But it's true, your cute little face stands out more and you are adorable.
Dan said…
I saw him once after church in boston. The ward we were visiting was out and his was starting. We met eyes but nothing happened. I realized later I think he even said hi. but I was trying to manage the girls...
Neva said…
Aren't you so cute with your short hair!
Stephanie said…
I love you.

(Of course, not in a gay way)
Stephanie said…
P.S. I also love the Super model picture. So cute!

(Of course, not in a gay way)
Adry said…
I love your haircut! I don't know you and I just stumbled upon your site and I'm following you now. However, I've done the haircut regret thing. I used to have LONG hair and ever since I cut it short 6 years ago I haven't been able to get back to where it was. I just have to STOP cutting and deal with the "midgrowth crisis" - but for sure your haircut is way cute and nowhere near how short I went! Look at my profile pic. Its been that short for 6 years and I have REGRET. and
Abby said…
I love it! I think your hair is so cute!
Ashley said…
Of course you've only given us one picture, but I might like the short hair even better than the long hair! It looks fantastic--esp. with your bangs. I am going to cut mine at my next appt. I have gotten too old for long hair. I'm on the fast track to the little old lady short perm.

That's a bummer about Mitt. At least you didn't make an arse out of yourself, asking for his autograph or something! I am sure there will be a next time!
Alifinale said…
You crack me up. I remember you always looked so cute with short hair and you are lucky that you CAN grow it.

Don't fret, another time will come when you will meet Mitt. I just know it. Even if it is in the next life. Never give up!
Deby said…
Mandee, you could have a purple mohawk and still be beautiful. Loved it long (and I envy the thickness), but short is cute too. Espcially for summer.
Wendy said…
If Mitt knew what he'd missed out on he'd be full of regret right now too.
Jenn N. said…
I LOVE your short hair!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandee... You're a freak to not like the hair! You seriously look 20 again! I think you should consider modeling for Covey Marketing Materials. You look simply marvelous.

Embrace the freshness of your new hair style and let the wind blow through it and you so as to refresh and enliven your energetic and snappy zeal for life. That's why we all love you! Mandee makes people happy!

So what's to say about Mitt Rodney? He picked his nose and ate it when he was a kid just like you and me! Next time don't be a chicken! Go up and just say "Hi!". When I met Ron Wyden (Senator form Oregon) I realized that this guy was just a nerd with a speech impediment AND he had crooked teeth!

What's so intimidating? Heck, if I got to Mitt he'd probably have to run for cover from my questions; like:

"Why is it that you have a habit of signing bills into legislation that you have never read; for example, the notorious "Patriot Act" which has served only to undermine the freedom, security and rights of the American People while strengthening the power of various government agencies? Now Senator, the freedom and security of which you in Washington seek, is it for the American Citizen; or, for Commercial Enterprise?

Next time Mandee, when you get your chance, why not ask Mr. Mitt Romney that question?
grandma jojo said…
you are adorable no matter what length your hair is. and from what i can see in the pic it is so cute.
the mitt thing, what can i say. so sorry. who knows you may get another chance!
love you you beautiful girl.
Mandee said…
Thanks for all of your reassuring comments. It's still short. And I am trying to love it.

To Katherine- you missed the part where I said my friends little brother married his neice. Mitt and I aren't related. And if Aaron had been with me, he would have made me be brave and introduce myself. So really, it's his fault for not coming with me.

Madman- In defense of myself, I love Mitt Romney for his hair, not necessarily for his political views. Although, I like his political views, too. And he was a Governor, not a Senator, so he didn't vote on the Patriot Act.

And I have a feeling the next time I actually "run into" him, I will have paid $1000 for a plate of chicken, so I will be entitled to a hand shake, and some small talk, like "what kind of product do you use?"
k8shoe said…
Your hair is so cute! It tempts me to cut my hair. But then I remember how I'm too attached to my pony tail.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brown Family said…
Oh I miss reading your blog... I have not been BLOG SURFING lately. You absolutely CRACK ME UP. This is your second Mitt Romney incident (right?). I am so sorry that you didn't get to "meet" him. However, you did get to stand by him :) Not everyone gets to say that! You know, I know his niece. I can arrange something if needs be... AND, about the HAIR CUT... I have been dying to cut mine short again. Is that not such a great idea...? I just can't stand the in-between length... BTW, the short hair looks fabulous on you~ LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOUR POSTS :)
Em said…
I've met Mitt Romney. I don't know you, so I'm writing this not to brag but to bolster your confidence next time you run into him.

I, frankly, didn't realize who he was at the time--it was years ago and his son and I were friends. He introduced himself to us like any father would to his son's friends. Who knows if politics have changed him, but I hope not.

So, next time, go for it!

I feel your pain though. I had a similar experience with Christopher Plummer. I still look at that event as an all-caps REGRET.

Very cute hair, btw.
Anonymous said…
Hi I don't know you and vice versa, but found your blog here today. Just want to say, I actually met Mitt Romney at the Olympics--we both watched the Bare Naked Ladies concert before the awards ceremony in the LDS Church suite that overlooked the stage. Anyway, it wasn't that great to meet him, in fact, I thought he was pretty full of himself. I was like Mitt who? when he introduced himself. :) So don't worry about not meeting him, he's just an average guy in real life. Also, I cut my long, long hair last oct. to donate it for locks of love as well. But I chopped a good 17 inches off and it's already grown back to me chest. So again, nothing to regret or worry about. Actually, it shouldn't be a regret if it was done with sincere love in donating it. And, you probably shouldn't be telling everyone about it either, since you shouldn't let everyone know your "good deeds". Just wanted to let you know.

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