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It Was Amazing

I have three things to say about our Disney Cruise;

1. It was awesome and you should DEFINITELY go.

2. Bonine has changed my life.

3. We are indebted to Richard and Cathy forever. We had a wonderful time with all of the family. We love you!

Wait ... there's more ... my favorite happy moments; seeing how happy my kids were, and not having to worry about breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And 2500 other things.

Like ... we lounged and swam in St. Marteen, where Joyce, the crazy cab driver, crammed 19 of us into a van- no seat belts or car seats. And we lived.

St. Thomas was gorgeous and I want to go back. It was so hot and humid, Charlie complained that he couldn't breath... and then couldn't walk... very dramatic. Saw a crazy bird lady do a crazy bird show- took some photos.

Castaway Cay- Disney's private island is paradise. I told Aaron that is what our heaven will be like. Beautiful, blue, almost too warm waters, gorgeous sand with shells everywhere, and a hundred things to do. Aaron and Dru took Autumn, Chad, Max, and Charlie on a bike ride around the island. I sat with Jack and played in the water. Made sand castles, and collected some shells.

The boat- amazingly clean. And very pretty. Every detail is attended to. The shows- incredible. You forget you are on a boat. And the food- don't even get me started on the salmon at Palo. I am still craving it.

The teenagers- the number 1 question we get asked; "Did your teenagers have fun?"- they had so much fun, two of them peed their pants. There was a special Teen Club, with teen activities (like texting with fake phones or something... no, I don't know what they did) and they loved it. We rarely saw them.

The Kids Clubs- our kids are kind of clingy, so they preferred to hang out with us. But, they also spent a lot of time with cousins in the kids club- volcano's, flubber, Pirate Night. The kids activities are endless.

And I could go on for days. It was the most fun I have had in a really long time, and I loved spending some much needed quality time with Aaron.

(You can book your Disney Cruise here. I HIGHLY recommend it.)


meg said…
I am so jealous! We have been to St. Marteen and St. Thomas twice, both on cruises. My all-time favorite vacations. And I'm DYING to do the Disney line. That private island looks like heaven. I'm so glad you had fun!
Ashley said…
Leave it to Disney to make every detail perfect. It looks like a blast. My only beef with your montage is there are not enough pics of you!
grandma jojo said…
next time you are doing the slide show! this is so great. love it. love you.
brooke said…
This was so cute and I love the music. Your kids are so stinkin cute. I'm with Ashley that I wanted more photos of you. Now I'm dying to plan a Disney cruise. Sam is back to begging me to go to Dland for Thanksgiving. He's addicted.

Why oh why did I not know about Bonine on my boat tour from Hell. That would have helped a lot. Thanks!

So glad you had a great time.
brooke said…
So were you making this instead of writing your talk? I haven't written mine yet either--but I do know what I'm wearing. Phew.
Heather said…
Thanks for doing kids will watch it over and over again, I'm sure. Good times....great memories!
k8shoe said…
Looks like so much fun. I too am jealous. One day, when we all win the lottery, lets all go together!
Wendy said…
Looks like soo much fun!! What a fun think to do with the whole family!
Alifinale said…
Sold. I so want to come but I think I may have to be adopted into your the Grant family before I can go. Better start saving our pennies!

PS - it was so fun to see you. Thanks for coming to me and chatting while hair was done. You are so cute and funny in person too.
Neva said…
Cute pictures, I'm so happy you had such a wonderful opportunity to go on this fabulous trip. WHAT MEMORIES!
Love, Granny
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brown Family said…
The cruise looks amazing. Great video that you put together. :)

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