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There's Regret, And Then There's REGRET


-on Saturday, I chopped my hair off. I was tired of it. Tired of the length, tired of how long it took to blow it dry, tired of pony tails. At first it was refreshing to have short hair again. And then Aaron saw it, and liked it- but didn't LOVE it. And this morning when I saw that I still had short hair, I was sad. The only consolation I have is that I donated it. So it was worth it ... and it will grow back. After all, it's just hair.

-back in June my friend Tiffany was in town for her brother's wedding. Her brother married Mitt Romney's niece, and her brother also asked my mom (former cookie shop owner) to make some cookies for their wedding celebration. And to make a long, tragic, difficult story short, Mitt Romney and I were in the same room- 6 feet away- and I didn't take advantage of the opportunity to meet him.
He was right there. And Tiffany and I were making a plan- Tiffany: Okay, what are you going to say to him? Me: I don't know- hi I&#…

It Was Amazing

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I have three things to say about our Disney Cruise;

1. It was awesome and you should DEFINITELY go.

2. Bonine has changed my life.

3. We are indebted to Richard and Cathy forever. We had a wonderful time with all of the family. We love you! Wait ... there's more ... my favorite happy moments; seeing how happy my kids were, and not having to worry about breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And 2500 other things. Like ... we lounged and swam in St. Marteen, where Joyce, the crazy cab driver, crammed 19 of us into a van- no seat belts or car seats. And we lived. St. Thomas was gorgeous and I want to go back. It was so hot and humid, Charlie complained that he couldn't breath... and then couldn't walk... very dramatic. Saw a crazy bird lady do a crazy bird show- took some photos. Castaway Cay- Disney's private island is paradise. I told Aaron that is what our heaven will be like. Beautiful, blue, almost too warm waters, gorgeous sand with sh…