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Graduation 101

So-ooooooooooooo happy about graduation. So, so, so HAPPY!

To future graduate families, make sure you bring some reading material (Kelly), crossword puzzles (Grandpa), plenty of entertaining apps on the i-touch (Aaron and Maddy), and snacks (thanks Cally).

It was a LONG night. And he was almost last. There is no such thing as alphabetical order at high school graduation, which is interesting since you spend your entire life in school being seated and organized according to your last name.

We are so proud of you, Parker! Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication! We know you are capable of great things!


Amy Coontz said…
We were in TX for my nieces grad. She is a Coontz, so pretty close the front. Jim and I graciously offered to take the younger homes after she walked across! I know, we are so thoughtful!
Ashley said…
So true--graduations are brutal! I will never go to another without a trashy magazine and a diet coke.
Congrats, Parker! At least he made it through despite of not having his name being called in order.

Now, the next step is to promote him when he is out of the world: college or a job. That's even "How to Get Girlfriend 101 Advice."
Kirsten said…
I still remember him as a deacon passing the sacrament. Crazy that he just graduated. Congratulations!
Stephanie said…
Yay, Parker! You are the Best Home Teacher!
Sara said…
Wow! Graduated. So very cool.
lacey said…
I swear Mandee. You look like his sister... I mean not old enough to be the mom for sure. And Aaron too.
I have a feeling by the time we have a kid graduate we are going to look like we are almost dead.
Man, they wear me out!

Really cute picture. Congrats to Parker and all!
Alifinale said…
Good advice! Way to go Parker! I can't believe he is graduated. Such a cute picture of the graduate and proud parents.
Kim said…
Oh man, there was one year when THREE of my siblings graduated from DIFFERENT schools, it was AWFUL...awful I tell you. But so good they graduated, congrats. So sorry I am missing the shoe party, I have too much work to do. :(
heather said…
i can't believe he is that old. wow. time flies.

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