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And He Still Loves Me

(photo by KM)

Yesterday before church, I sat on my closet floor.

Me: I'm not going to church today.
Aaron: Okay, you don't have to.
Me: Are you going to tell Shannon, "Mandee couldn't come to church today because she didn't have anything to wear." ?
Aaron: No, I'll tell her that you couldn't come to church today because even though your testimony is strong, your wardrobe is not.

And that is how we began the day of our 8th anniversary. With him reminding me that I not only married a patient man with a great sense of humor, but that I married the perfect man for me.

This last week has been crazy, emotional, trying, stressful, happy, exciting, and. . . did I say emotional? And just now, I chased my 2 year old around the house with a drawn out measuring tape whipping against the walls, and him yelling, "I do it, I do it!". So the crazy continues.

But I had a moment last week- it was the day of Aaron's 42nd birthday, and I sat with Charlie and Jack in the Costco food court after a record breaking visit to get Morton's Tri Tip (to die for if you haven't tried it) and some milk. As a reward for being so good and helpful, I bought Charlie a cheese pizza, Jack got a "churrio", and I indulged in a fat free chocolate + vanilla swirl. (And it was soooooo good, that swirl.) But in a silent moment, when we all had food in our mouths, I looked at those little faces, enjoying the parts of their father that I see in them. And I had never been so happy to celebrate their dad's birthday- for without him, I would not have them.

So even in the middle of crazy- when I can't find anything to wear, trying to keep our two-year old from damaging the house, and feeling flawed more than ever, I love the man that I married. I love him so much.

And there is no one else in this world that I would rather be with.

Happy Eighth to us.


kelly said…
so sweet.
brooke said…
Happy 8th! You two are perfect for each other. Aaron's response made me laugh. I hate not feeling like I have cute clothes for church and I've been there--usually right after having a baby. You always always look so cute so I'm sure it was all in your head. Love the picture too--great post.
Jenny.Lee said…
That is so sweet. Happy Anniversary!!!
Abby said…
Oh, that Aaron is a witty one! He makes me laugh! I'm so glad he's part of our family!
Happy 8th Anni!
Emily said…
Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post! You guys are such a beautiful couple.
Papa Randy said…
Happy eighth, the best is yet to come. Way to go to church and be the bomb mom.
rabidrunner said…
That dude of urine is so funny. Reminds me of a story from the Novell days. Has to do with that Titanic movie. Once of these here days I might write it up.
mrs. r said…
i love this post ...and for the record, you have a killer wardrobe.
Neva said…
As your mom that makes me so happy to hear that you two have such a good marriageand for that matter all my children who are married have good marriage in spite of the example that was shown to them. I am truly blessed as a mother!
Alifinale said…
Love the picture, love the story, love you appreciating the little things in a big way. Love you! Happy 8th!
jenn said…
hi mandee, it's jenn najera from highland. :) i've been lurking on your blog for a while now, but i had to comment on this post because it was so sweet. congratulations on your 8th, and many blessings for many more years to come!
Stephanie said…
Mandee, I love you. Happy Anniversary. I Love your picture. What a perfect couple!

Thanks for coming to church.
Heather said…
This is very sweet....I'm jealous of your ability to share with the world how you truly feel. My brother is lucky to have you! Why don't you come visit MY closet....then you'll really know what it feels like to have nothing to wear!
amanda jane said…
love those happy moments that make the crazy ones worth it. congratulations on a great life with a man who's great for you!
Em. said…
I have been such a bad blog girl again. :( But I have to say every time I read yours I love it! Happy Aniv. to you guys. You are so perfect for each other. I can't believe that Parker is all done with High School. Was he not just yesterday? Wow time goes by so fast. Great job in being there for him though. You are truley a great mom! Love ya!
Ashley said…
Now I know what Brooke was talking about at lunch yesterday . . . I was confused but just went with it! Happy Anniversary! Aaron sounds so funny and perfect for you. This post is hilarious and I am SURE you were smokin in your blue skirt and cardi! Thanks for haulin your kids (and Kelly!) to Brooke's yesterday! It was so fun to meet you even though I was chasing crazy kids half the time!
Mandee said…
Thanks everyone for your well wishes. And to Rabid- I am DYING to hear the Titanic story. Dying.

And as for the wardrobe, I am already dreading Sunday's return.
I'd like to give you my BELATED ANNIVERSARY! Both of you are lucky to find each other. That was God's purpose to put you together. May many more years bring you lots of love, laugh and happiness.
Kim said…
This is SUPER sweet. I love you guys...feel blessed to have met you/know you. I love what your husband said! I love your wardrobe...I wish I could fit into it so we could share!
heather said…
i love this picture. and i don't feel sorry for you not having anything to wear. I don't have maternity church clothes, so my whole closet is on the floor on sundays trying to find something that still fits my prego belly.
So ridiculously cute! I managed to pull together a mean eighties wanna be outfit for church last Sunday and tried my hardest not to cry about my in between size-ness, lack of financial ability to fund an entire closet with J Crew outfits, and my sad, sad unmanicured toes. I believe the message was about being thankful...geez.
Camille said…
Came over from Mrs. R's blog. Sounds like you have a good sense of humor as well as your husband. Happy 8th anniversary to you both! Sounds like you're still very much in love! :)

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