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Life Unscripted

This is what we do on a rainy Saturday, when we're quarantined in the house due to an outbreak of swin flu in the neighborhood.


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One thing you have to know about Maddy- she has the softest voice in the land. And yet it doesn't keep her from comedy. This was the video she submitted for her Lone Peak Sophomore Student Council interview. She didn't end up winning- but it's not keeping her from running again next year. Read on for more reasons WE LOVE MADDY!

My Maddy is fifteen today. Fifteen years old. On the cusp of womanhood, and yet in some ways, already there.

There is a quote often used in adoption families, but I kind of like it for our family situation, too.

Not of my flesh, nor of my bone
But still miraculously my own
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart, but in it.

Sometimes, she feels like a little sister. Sometimes I call her "Abby". And I often find my borrowed clothes wadded up on her closet floor. One morning before school, after I had just had Maxwell, and was in shock over the lack of sleep my body was ex…

Graduation 101

So-ooooooooooooo happy about graduation. So, so, so HAPPY!
To future graduate families, make sure you bring some reading material (Kelly), crossword puzzles (Grandpa), plenty of entertaining apps on the i-touch (Aaron and Maddy), and snacks (thanks Cally). It was a LONG night. And he was almost last. There is no such thing as alphabetical order at high school graduation, which is interesting since you spend your entire life in school being seated and organized according to your last name. We are so proud of you, Parker! Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication! We know you are capable of great things!

And He Still Loves Me

(photo by KM)

Yesterday before church, I sat on my closet floor.
Me: I'm not going to church today. Aaron: Okay, you don't have to. Me: Are you going to tell Shannon, "Mandee couldn't come to church today because she didn't have anything to wear." ? Aaron: No, I'll tell her that you couldn't come to church today because even though your testimony is strong, your wardrobe is not.
And that is how we began the day of our 8th anniversary. With him reminding me that I not only married a patient man with a great sense of humor, but that I married the perfect man for me.
This last week has been crazy, emotional, trying, stressful, happy, exciting, and. . . did I say emotional? And just now, I chased my 2 year old around the house with a drawn out measuring tape whipping against the walls, and him yelling, "I do it, I do it!". So the crazy continues.
But I had a moment last week- it was the day of Aaron's 42nd birthday, and I sat with Charlie and …