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Good Advice

(I've officially given up on caring about the furniture)

You guys are the best. Thank you so much for the book advice, and for sympathizing with me on this raising kids thing. It is by far the hardest job ever- raising little people in this world. I wanted to share some of what has come from this post.

1. My friend, Kim, is hilarious- and I loved her comment;
"If there is a book that promises well behaved kids trust me I have read it and it doesn't work. My best remedies.....girls nights, pedicures, diet coke, and my favorite shows. Everyone says it will get better but seriously have they spent more than 5 minutes with my kids? If I wasn't a member of the church I am pretty sure I would have a serious drinking problem. So I have decided the best thing to do is to put myself in time out until I can behave rationally (or until someone starts bleeding). Good Luck."

I say, even if she had a serious drinking problem, there is still a special place in the best part of h…