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{My 1st Birthday, with brother Mark, and Pamps- 1976}

At one family dinner, I was reminiscing about the summer I watched the Oliver North Trial with my mom. It was the summer before I went into the 8th grade.

Upon hearing that, my witty SIL commented that I was "born 45 years old".
And as I celebrate my 34th birthday, I am thinking about how "almost right" she is.

I mean, I was watching Luke and Laura reunite after I got home from kindergarten.

I loved Journey and Chicago love songs in elementary school.

I was watching thirtysomething in junior high and high school.

And had crushes on my thirty-something Drivers Ed teacher and the high school boys varsity basketball coach.

So really, despite my premonition that I would die before I was 30, I couldn't wait to get there.

Today, I am 34. And my birthday is on a Sunday, which means. . . (yawn). But two things are for sure- being thirty-something is awesome, and birthday's are definitely better because of FaceBook. Plus, I don't have to change any poopy diapers today.

So Happy Birthday to me!


happy birthday! you are my favorite.
R. Hansen said…
Happy birthday dear friend!!!
brooke said…
Happy Happy Birthday month (because birthdays should last a whole month!) I'm so glad you are taking it easy today. Put your feet up and have your kids bring you diet coke--I hope you took the day off from church too :-)

I totally watched the Ollie North trial and thirty something and I loved Air Supply. I watched St. Elsewhere with my dad and 90210 and Dirty Dancing when they were totally off-limits. I've always had a thing for older men. I think we are twins seperated at birth.

Happy Happy Birthday!
carla said…
Happy Birthday Mandee:)
Alifinale said…
Happy Birthday yesterday! No poopy diapers sounds like the best birthday ever!

I watched Golden Girls when I was 7 with my mom and my other favorite show was Empty Nest - I totally hear ya on the being born old. Glad you made it to your thirties!
My name is Lexi said…
Happy Birthday, Mandee!!!
Anonymous said…
and you forgot that you would go to the 30s dances when you were in your early 20s, haha!

happy happy bday!
Mandee said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys- one of the many perks to having a blog!

Brooke- did you watch LA Law? It was also my favorite, and I wanted to marry Harry Hamlin.

Kelly- what can I say... I knew where to go to find a "seasoned" or desperate man.
Anonymous said…
Mandee!! Happy birthday! So fun to see you on the "bachelor night!" I always enjoy seeing you and love sneaking in on your blog! Hope you had a fun day!!
Katie-steph's sis.
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday! You are still a baby. (In a good way)
Heidi and Rich said…
I totally agree - Jason is turning out to be a head case. She needs to run. Happy Birthday - you are too funny - I love that you watched soap operas in Kindergarten!!!! (sorry for commenting on two posts in one!)
Wendy said…
Summer said…
Happy Happy Birthday Mandee Dear! Thanks for being you!
Brown Family said…
I am sending a WAY belated birthday wish.. not b/c I wasn't thinking of you... just because life has been crazy (no excuse, but I'm using it as one :)... BUT, know that you were thought of in AZ and I hope your birthday was awesome! I REALLY enjoy your blog. Keep up the great posts...

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