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He Hates That I Posted This Picture

I love this man. My life is difficult without him.

To Aaron,

It's been three long days without you. Three long, sad, depressing, challenging, tiring, stressful, lonely (did I say long?) days as a single mom.

Thank goodness I had my shows. Maddy watched American Idol with me, to help ease my pain and sorrow.

The kids were naughty. I never made a "real" dinner. There were 3 hours spent at a Primary Activity- an hour of which was spent vacuuming up sprinkles off of the carpet. (Note to anyone- don't ever use sprinkles at a Primary Activity.) I missed my appointment to donate blood. I had to shovel snow. Twice.

And there may have been something like an IV of diet coke to keep me sane and somewhat pleasant. And mini Butterfingers.

Straight up. . . I am the happiest girl in the world now that you are home. Cause life is so much better with you around. . . and not hanging out in front of The Bellagio.



Abby said…
You had to shovel snow? I'm so sorry!
I'm glad daddy's home!!

Neva said…
Where was Parker, your neighbors??????
Mandee said…
Parker was at school, and my neighbors were at work. The little boys helped.

And like a good neighbor, Bryce Smith is there... (like State Farm)- he came over yesterday afternoon and shoveled the icy parts. Thanks Bryce.
Papa Randy said…
Glad daddy's home. Belaggio has the best buffet. OOH Alaskan king crab legs. Mouth watering.
Papa Randy said…
Tell Genva LaVerne I said HI and that she is still missed. We see your grandma a couple times a month. Chow.
Mandee, I'm glad Aaron's home too for your sake. David just spent 24 hours in Vegas and I HATED being a single mom and I only have 2!!!
Hailey said…
Mandee, Ben is going to be gone for 12 weeks this summer. TWELVE WEEKS. Please say that I can bring my brood over at least once to break bread (or cupcakes) and watch SYTYCD...
Hailey said…
Also, I realize my comment was all about ME, but I was trying to make you feel better about your own husbandless situation...
brooke said…
Whenever Sam is out of town, we eat out for every meal--I feel entitled. Life sucks as a single parent. I'm so glad Aaron is back from Vegas. I kind of hate Vegas but I bet it would be a fun place for a business trip. When Sam travels for business, I always picture him sitting at a nice meal, throwing his head back laughing and then heading off to the movies with coworkers and I get ticked.
Stephanie said…
Welcome home, Aaron. Time to home teach me :)
grandma jojo said…
i'm sorry you had to be a single mom. i hate when brad has to "go" to the office instead of his home office. AND, i don't have kids (at home). i don't have snow to shovel. i don't have to do primary activities with or without sprinkles.
i'm glad aaron is home. give him a hug for me.
Jenn N. said…
I always tell Phil I will shovel the sidewalk and never do. I'm a bad wife. I'm glad Aaron's home too (for your sake). I hate it when Phil has a long day at work, much less out of town.
k8shoe said…
So glad that he's home. I guess they need to go away once in awhile so we really appreciate them. Hee hee. Kidding!
Julie said…
That is a nice picture.
Unknown said…
Mandee, you kill me with the sprinkles. Love it. He is the best dude ever. So fun to have met him. Glad he is home with you.

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