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Christmas 2008 In Pictures

Waiting for Santa at University Mall.

Jack LOVES to pick his nose in pictures. And I quit caring about it.

We missed our stop on TRAX- actually, the driver shut the door on us. I was not happy. Neither was Charlie.

Crown Burger & Temple Square with the Payson Grants.

This year's Christmas Miracle: Kelly saved me with "Neighbor Gifts".

Christmas Eve Day with Grandpa George. (To be fair, since my parents are divorced and fairness matters, Granny came over Christmas Eve but she would kill me if I posted pictures.)

A generous sprinkling of Reindeer Food in the front yard on Christmas Eve.

Partying it up at the neighbors! We usually have a Mexican Fiesta Super Enchilada Christmas Eve Party with my side of the family... but they all flaked. Thank heavens the Blands were home!

The kids woke up at 9:30AM. We LOVE sleep at our house. Even on Christmas morning.

There was sunshine for a moment- and then it snowed for the rest of the day.

Big head phones.

He found true love in Legos.

He actually asked for sweaters this year.

When he came down the stairs and saw the presents he said "Thank You Mama!" and it was cute, and I WASN'T recording it! Immediate regret.

Also, don't forget:
  • We hate Southtowne Mall, and the security guard.
  • Our desperation to find Disney's Cars "Mater".
  • Wii Fit is the best invention ever!
  • The silent walk home from the neighbors house on Christmas Eve- it was special.
  • Skype- what took us so long?
  • Mikie's Best Christmas Present Ever to my mom (more on that later).
  • The little boys asking when Gramma Nakashima is coming home- "cause she's taking for a LONG time!"
  • The Bread Pudding at The Garden Cafe in the Grand America Hotel is the best bread pudding I've ever had in my entire life.
  • The lack of cleavage (so relieved) at Aaron's work Christmas Party at La Caille- which had really amazing (that was for you Amber) hot chocolate and great table discussion.
  • My Christmas mocs that almost never were. But they are. And my feet love them everyday.

the end.


brooke said…
I know I look like your blog stalker because I'm always the first commenter. We must be online at the same time. So much to say. I hate Southtowne mall too for so many reasons. Your house looks beautiful in the pictures. More importantly, your kids are adorable and how on EARTH do you train them to sleep in until 9:30? I would pay good money for that secret. Finally, how lucky are you that Aaron's work goes to La Caille for their party? Oh, and we always go to Crown burger when we visit temple square.
Jocelyn said…
I love the pictures of the kids waiting for well as the sprinkling the Reindee food...Soooo cute. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday.
rabidrunner said…
If something's amazing, I say call it amazing. I'll hafta get the chocolate next time I go to La Caille... AFTER I sneak into the men's room to read the braille Playboy... AFTER I oogle the jugs of those French Maid Waitresses... AFTER I eat the green beans.... AFTER I chase the peacock...
Stephanie said…
Love the update. 9:30 Christmas morning? What did you slip into their Christmas Eve beverage? I want some.
deb and colin said…
Your babies are so cute. That littlest one looks a little like Marcus in the Morning.
Katie D. said…
Cute pictures. Yah, my kids were up at 6:30 am. You are so lucky! What happened with the security guard? I wanna hear it!
Kim said…
Oh friend how I have missed your blog. The holidays at your place looked like absolute bliss, as it should be. Hope you are well!
mrs. r said…
please more on this:

"We hate Southtowne Mall, and the security guard."

also ...let's lunch. i need me some mandee.
grandma jojo said…
thanks for the pictures. love the christmas morning on the stairs except you are missing or i am missing you. love chars sad, disappointed face on trax. jack jack is too cute even with his finger in his nose. hope the reindeer food helped to coax santa into your home!
I love the silent walk home on Christmas Eve and the reindeer food sprinkling! You are so fun...
ps I hate the ice covered utah sometimes too! Especially walking in heels with a baby in hand trying to get into Church on time!!! SO ANNOYING!

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