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Happy Time


So, this is me lately;

"Hi, welcome to my sad, depressing life of kid barf, child injuries, and a crappy Thanksgiving holiday. Let's be friends!"

Talk about a downer.

So this is me today:

"I need some happy, so I went back to old (like a year) videos of my especially cute kids, and found some. Let's be friends!"

Yes, my house is messy. And please excuse Charlie's immodesty- he does have a diaper on. And oh how I miss that fat, crawling baby. Happy, happy times!


Amanda Jane said...

what a sweet family you have. and I am sure you are still beautiful and a great mom even covered in kid barf. hope this passes for you soon - and we are praying for snow around here too!

Katie D. said...

I am glad you found something to make you feel a little better about things. I'm planning on your boys on Friday, p.s. And don't worry I'll pad all our sharp corners. :)

Stefanie said...

I love this clip- Elle is queen of not performing on demand. When we try to take pictures of her, she covers her face with her hands. Nice. I can totally relate! I hope everyone is feeling better over there ;) Looks like YOU might need the chocolate cake!

Nikki said...

I love that he is refusing to walk. That is so cute. I don't think you could ever look bad even with throw up on! What a great family you have!

Travis said...

I had to watch this a second time. Your family is so cute. Love the happiness in your home.

Leisha said...

So cute. It makes me want to break out all of the old videos too. They just grow up so fast.