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Happy Tuesday- War Is Not Over


{image via flickr}

Just when we thought the worst was over, Max started the morning with a mad dash to the bathroom with his very own offering of kid barf.

At least last nights dinner (our official Thanksgiving dinner) had been digested.

And now I am beginning to wonder if we will ever recover. This comes after a trip Saturday night to the Emergency Room.

Saturday Night: Aaron happily obliged me in seeing Twilight- I was excited for him to see why Maddy and I share the same obsession, and he was just happy to be with me. (His words, not mine.)

And we left the theater with me wanting to see it AGAIN, Aaron freaking out that Maddy actually witnessed a girl... kissing a boy... in her underwear... on her bed, and an urgent phone call from Parker telling us that Max had run into the corner of Aaron's nightstand with his forehead.

We met our good neighbor and Max at the ER. Mark has spent almost as much time in ER's and hospitals as he has at home. And a special thanks to Kathy for being a nurse and living across the street from us. We couldn't be surrounded by more capable people.

7 stitches, a 2nd opinion, and a tube of Maderma For Kids later, we are on the mend. I say "we" because I have never been so traumatized over an injury in my life. I keep replaying how it happened, the gaping hole in his forehead, the sad face I found in the ER, and how I was NOT THERE when it happened. I have cried myself to sleep over this. Dramatic, I know. But I still grow anxious and feel a knot in my stomach when I look at his poor, little, bandaged head.

And as for now, we are so losing the war. Only 3/5ths of my Christmas shopping is done. Black Friday was a bust. Dealing with the sick and wounded. And we are in dire need of snow here in my neck of the woods. And even though I am not a big fan of the fluffy white stuff, Christmas just isn't Christmas without snow... ya know.

So this is (not beginning to look a lot like) Christmas.


Amy Coontz said...

Happy you got to see Twilight again!!

Sorry about the stitches and the barf!!

Can't believe you want SNOW!!

brooke said...

Your stories are so great. I know what you mean about feeling so awful about Max's injury. I was literally ill about my son's eyebrow stitches/injury and the cosmetic consequences. 2 years later--you can't even tell. The one bright spot in my life is that we don't have snow yet. Wash your mouth out. Actually, I want it for Christmas Eve and that's it!

grandma jojo said...

aaron's first stitches came whilst i was shopping with my older sister. on our return we were met at the front door by my little sister saying, "don't worry aaron is in the hospital. he is fine. he only has to have stitches."
well, of course i didn't panic at ALL!!!
give max kisses for me. tell him i hope he feels better soon.

Wendy said...

Oh, I've had so many of those nightmares in my head over McKay. So Sorry you weren't there to hold him when it happened. The good thing is the memory starts to fade after awhile.

Abby said...

Me so sorry!

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry about the horrible trauma in your life...stitches and Twilight getting cut short. And did I hear you ask for snow? Shame on you. I think you just need me to come back. I'm sure you're world will be soooooo much better :)