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Really Good Holiday Dip

I am a girl of not so many talents, but one thing I know how to do really well is eat really good food.

And this Cheese Fondue from Rachie is a family favorite - my big kids have fond memories of eating this dip at her cubicle when I worked at Franklin Covey (the first time) and they ask for it every year.

Cheese Fondue/Dip
4 packages of softened cream cheese
1 cup sour cream
4 tbsp milk
1 tsp of garlic powder
1/2 tsp pepper
14 oz of chick beef (she suggests Armor Star brand) I use cooked & chopped bacon
4 tbsp of minced onion

Combine ingredients, mix well. Bake in 9x13 pan for 30 minutes at 350. Serve in fondue dish or small crock pot with sourdough or french bread.

The End of a Really Short Rope

Is it really too much to ask that my kids. . .
put their shoes in the baskets in the mudroom?
hang their jackets up on the hooks?
NOT TOUCH ANYTHING but their matchbox cars?
Seriously. Don't touch anything. That includes the Christmas tree, the ornaments that you insist on using as soccer balls, the wrapping paper, and all items of food in the pantry. Also, please don't ask me to make you chicken nuggets. Don't ask me to turn on the Backyardigans for the 500-millionth time. And the tape- for hells sake- LEAVE MY TAPE ALONE! DO NOT wrap it around your head. I have officially hit the "You-Are-Driving-Me-Crazy" Mom Wall. It's 11:24 in the late morning.
Aaron keeps asking me what I want for Christmas. And my answer is this;
a house that will stay clean for at least 24 hours.
a good book
a moment of peace and quiet
and these mocs. . .

That is all I want. You can tell me how much you love me, and how I'm your favorite wife EVER tonight as we battle the kids toget…


{See Maxwell's hat? That is why I got busted at last year's Festival. And apparently Max is ticked- probably because I made him wear those things in a picture. But Charlie loves them... so happy. What a great picture!}

After last winter, I am convinced there is snow in hell.

But it's Christmas time... and today it's snowing. And that makes me feel all warm and cozy in my insides. Mostly because the therm is set to 68, and the fireplace is on, and Charlie announced excitedly when he saw the snow "Mom, it's Christmas outside!"
But my Christmas merriment isn't so merry lately- probably because this happened last night as we were TRYING to have some fun family times with gingerbread houses:

Parker got sassy and sent to his room.
Jack chucked a glass Christmas ornament grenade style onto the dining room floor.
Charlie grabbed a handful of decorative ginger-bread-house candy and threw it at Max across the table.
All within a matter of 5 minutes.

So we will &q…

The Festival of Trees 08

I'm not one for crowds of people, but one event that I look forward to every Christmas is the Festival of Trees with our friends. It is amazing, it is beautiful, and it is fun! The kids love it, the moms LOVE it, and the dads tolerate it with a scone and a double dose of ibuprofen knowing that Crown Burger awaits them in the end.

This year we lasted longer than we ever have before. We have always had a baby in the stroller, with a bottle, needing a nap. This time around we still had a "baby" in the stroller, but no bottle and no nap required. And it made all the difference.

These two are inseparable when Aaron is around. In fact, Jack even does a little gallop around the kitchen when Aaron comes home from work. Yes, they love each other that much.
I HATE (loathe, detest, really hate) pictures of myself. This one included. But, there's a story here. Actually, it's last years story that we fully expected to reoccur this year. Last year, I helped Max and Charlie mak…

Happy Time

So, this is me lately;

"Hi, welcome to my sad, depressing life of kid barf, child injuries, and a crappy Thanksgiving holiday. Let's be friends!"

Talk about a downer.

So this is me today:

"I need some happy, so I went back to old (like a year) videos of my especially cute kids, and found some. Let's be friends!"

Make an on-line slide show at
Yes, my house is messy. And please excuse Charlie's immodesty- he does have a diaper on. And oh how I miss that fat, crawling baby. Happy, happy times!

Happy Tuesday- War Is Not Over

{image via flickr}

Just when we thought the worst was over, Max started the morning with a mad dash to the bathroom with his very own offering of kid barf.
At least last nights dinner (our official Thanksgiving dinner) had been digested.
And now I am beginning to wonder if we will ever recover. This comes after a trip Saturday night to the Emergency Room.
Saturday Night: Aaron happily obliged me in seeing Twilight- I was excited for him to see why Maddy and I share the same obsession, and he was just happy to be with me. (His words, not mine.)
And we left the theater with me wanting to see it AGAIN, Aaron freaking out that Maddy actually witnessed a girl... kissing a boy... in her underwear... on her bed, and an urgent phone call from Parker telling us that Max had run into the corner of Aaron's nightstand with his forehead.

We met our good neighbor and Max at the ER. Mark has spent almost as much time in ER's and hospitals as he has at home. And a special thanks to Kathy for …