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It's Not a "Happy" Thanksgiving

Charlie and Jack came down with the stomach flu last night. Talk about terrible, terrible timing. And we had spaghetti for dinner. We will never have spaghetti ever again.

So, today we are holed up in our house- with the sick and exposed quarantined to one part of the house, and the others banned to the basement. We will have chicken noodle soup, lots of clear liquids, play video games, and watch Christmas movies. And pray to the holy heavens that no one else comes down with it.

Scrubbing, sanitizing, scrubbing some more. And feeling sad that we won't be with our family today.

But through it all, today I am thankful for my family, my parents, my siblings, my in laws, all of the cousins, amazing friends- old and new, our generally good health, our home, our jobs, and my faith, all of which come from the hand of God.

We are blessed, and I am thankful. Even when I'm covered in kid barf.

Once more... Happy Thanksgiving to you!


rabidrunner said…
Oh! I am sooooo sorry. We were going to be thankful for the food storage and have top ramen but decided we'd go out instead. Takeout perhaps?
Julie Huish said…
I'm sorry but I am totally laughing at your comment..".We will never have spaghetti ever again." The visual is too much! I'll pray for you also that no one else comes down with it. What a bummer!
Amy Coontz said…
Yuck!! I hate kid barf!!

I will join your prayer, and hopefully no one else will get sick.
Wendy said…
That sucks! I hope the rest of you are spared the misery!
Stephanie said…
I'm sorry you guys are sick! I got sick on the night of Twilight Mania and am barely feeling better. Lameness. Hope you guys start feeling better soon.

P.S. Stephy needs a copy of your play list :)
Katie D. said…
So sorry! That's the worst when ya got sick kids on Holidays. Did you guys get any yummy food brought over by family? I hope so! If I had anything, I'd totally bring it over. Hope it's a 24 hour thing and it's already gone!
Deby said…
Oh, that brings back memories of Thanksgiving of 2006. Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE, visitors included - got the stomach flu on Thanksgiving day. It was awful. So much laundry while feeling putrid.

I'm so sorry. I hope the rest of the weekend is better.
OHHHHHHH I'm so sorry the boys are under the weather. I hope none of others, including are catching the virus.

Stay Well!
Rachel Young said…
:( I'm so sorry! Being sick or having sickies on Thanksgiving is no fun...we've been there plenty of times! I hope no one else gets sick and I hope you stay well!
Sara said…
Oh that's so sad! It's never fun to have sick kids, but to have it be on a holiday is even worse! hope their feeling better soon!
mrs. r said…
doing something VERY similiar.

get better soon.
brooke said…
I am so sad for you. There is nothing worse than cleaning up barf, especially on a holiday. BTW, I loved Twilight so much. At first Edward didn't do anything for me, then slowly he grew on me until I fell in love with him. Now I have to go see it again.
Em. said…
Oh Mandee I am so sorry. I really hope you are all ok. So So Sorry!
Kim said…
Sorry you missed the big day due to kid barf! THE worst thing ever...well that and the runny poop. Icks. I always enjoy coming here, you are always so funny friend.

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