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Go For Broke


{My Pamps and my mom}

We called our Grandpa- Pamps- it was how my older brother pronounced Grandpa. And even though I was 6 when he passed away, I have some wonderful memories of him. He and my Gramma were the greeters in Primary- they would stand at the doors and welcome all of the kids to Primary, often shaking hands with the children and giving me a hug. I was so proud. He would also watch Herbie The Love Bug with us on Sunday afternoons while my Gramma made us toasted cheese sandwiches. He was sick a lot, and I remember going with him and my Gramma to dialysis on Saturday mornings.

I remember his funeral, and how sad I was. I think it was my first experience with complete devastation.

Today I am thankful for the memories that I have of him and with him. And I am thankful for the service he provided as a member of the United States Army. I could not be more proud of my heritage.

He was a Japanese/Mexican American who was taken to live in a concentration camp with his father, brother, and sisters after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He soon joined the United States Army, and served valiantly and proudly in one of the most decorated units- the 442nd Infantry- to date.

His unit's motto was "Go For Broke", meaning "put it all on the line". And he did.

I love him for who he was as a man, as a father, as a grandfather, and as a patriot. And I am proudly teaching my children about him, about his life, and the legacy that they are expected to continue.

To all the Veterans, thank you for your service to all Americans and to our country. Thank you for protecting our freedom. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your patriotism.

And thank you to my Pamps for being my Pamps- and for being such an amazing example to my family. And for the Japanese eyelashes and short legs that I inherited.

I love you.


Amy Coontz said...

I so remember them waiting at the door to that primary room. The one down in the dungeon of the bernard bldg. Just LOVED them!!!

Abby said...

That made me cry. I wish I knew him. I think and hope he visits my baby! I think he's the one she smiles at all the time.
Love him!

Abby said...

BTW, your missing the 2 in 442nd infantry

carla said...

Thank You for posing that. I'm so proud of our family. Love You Pamps!

G-rant said...

ahhhhh man, I'll get him back for passing before I could remember. at least I have some pictures of me sitting on his lap. Hey remember when he would always play with us and chase us un the backyard? Good, 'cause I don't. Bravo on the post.

Kirsten said...

What a great legacy for your children. He sounds like a really wonderful man. Both my grandfathers died before I was born so I have no memories, but I like to think they are watching over us.

Emily said...

That was very sweet, Mandee. I love that picture too, so beautiful.

Julie Huish said...

That was so sweet Mandee!

Kim said...

He looks like he was a dashing young man. Thank you for sharing such a touching story. A beautiful tribute.

Deby said...

He sounds like he was quite a man. Great post.