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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday I stopped by Flour Girls & Dough Boys to get my Shortbread cookie fix. And I saw the most amazing Pumpkin Bar I've ever seen. It looked like cake, and it had chocolate chips AND cream cheese frosting. To die for. So I ordered one of those, too.

"Can I get 6 shortbread cookies, a pumpkin bar, and 20 pounds on my rear, please?"

Anyway, it was carpool day, so we sat in the kindergarten parking lot waiting for Max and friends. And I enjoyed my amazing pumpkin bar/cake/ piece of heaven. And then fondly recalled the days I worked at Zales in University Mall next to Magleby's Muffins- where every morning and at break time, I would alternate between their pumpkin chocolate chip muffin with cream cheese frosting, and their banana chocolate chip muffin with cream cheese frosting. Those were delicious days.

Do you remember Magleby's Muffins in University Mall? Wasn't it great? Don't you miss it? I think you can still get the muffins at Magleby's Fresh, but still... don't you miss the place in the mall that sold delicious muffins?

Anyway, the pumpkin bars at FGDB are amazing in case you didn't catch that.

I don't have the recipe for those, but I do have my mom's recipe for her Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, so I thought I would share it with you.

Enjoy the fall weather and eat delicious treats. And tell me you miss mall muffins.


(this recipe will make enough cookies to fill a cookie shop- I suggest halfing it.)

4 1/2 C granulated sugar
1 1/2 C shortening (Crisco)
3 eggs

Mix until creamy, then add;

1 large can of pumpkin
3 tsp cinnamon
3 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp allspice
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
7 1/2 C flour- adding 1 cup at a time

Mix well, scraping edges and bottom of bowl while mixing. Add 1 1/2 C chocolate chips. (I add more.)

Drop by ice cream scoop onto cookie sheet, and bake at 350 for 18-20 minutes. (Check with toothpick to make sure they are done.) Cool, then frost with cream cheese frosting... if you feel like it.


Kim Simpson said…
I will gladly take any cookie recipe you have from your mom. Thanks.
Julie said…
I just went to FGDB for the first time last week. How come no one told me about it until now @#!@#!!??? I've been here for 3 years! Actually, now that I think about it, I wish I still didn't know about it. There is some serious extra poundage that could happen thanks to that dessert display. And as for Magleby's, brings back fond memories of BYU days. Can't wait to try your mom's cookie recipe. We made the Thanksgiving Point pumpkin bars recipe from you and LOVED them!
Yes lovely lady, I am going to go get some pumpkin and bake some great Neva cookies.
Jaime said…
I love Nevas cookies! I will make these for sure and hope they are almost as good as Nevas! I am still waiting for the butt kicker recipe on your blog. Those are my all time favorite of Bite me!!!!!!
Likely said…
Here is a question for your mom that I have always wondered:

Are shortening and butter interchangeable? I do not buy shortening on a regular basis but I always have butter. Real butter. I have substituted before and there doesn't seem to be a problem, but what is the difference?

Help me, oh Queen of the Cookie.

and can we have the Oatmeal cookie recipe next?

Neva, you should write a cookbook. I'd buy it. Are the recipes still under some sort of contract - is Bite me in Bako still open? I haven't seen the cookies around the last few times I've been there.
Anonymous said…
Mandee, I thought I was the only one that remembers those Magleby Muffins in the mall...they were devine.

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds yummy!

I need to come back to Utah just to go to that bakery. I had way too many mint brownies when I was there, and can't get them out of my head (or fanny!)
Mandee said…
Tiff- my mom always used Crisco shortening in place of butter, so I say yes, it is interchangeable. But my mom is the expert so you can wait to hear from her.

As for the recipes being under contract- I mentioned something to her about not posting her recipes because of the business, but she said I could. So, I did.

She should sell a recipe book. It would be awesome. Although no one can make a 'Bite Me' like my mom can.
Good Death said…
WTF? Giving out the family recipes? You're dead to me.
Anonymous said…
yay, one of your mom's recipes. i loved those cookies. and obviously, from the above comment, i couldn't get it from mike.
Ashley or "actually"
Abby said…
heymaughan said…
If they are Neva cookies, they are delicious I'm sure. I am still trying to perfect her chocolate chip Bite Me's and they are always a hit.
Mandee said…
to my family... you are killing me. talk to the hand... and then go talk to mom.
Eliza said…
These cookies need to be your next big give away... Just a suggestion.
Neva said…
Ok, ease up on Mandee, that recipe came from Relief Society so everyone already has it. As for the other recipes they are still protected. To Tiff, depending on the recipe crisco and butter may be interchangable not always though, example would be sugar cookies always use butter.
I will have to try this... because David also likes pumpkin especially chocolate chips.
Papa Randy said…
If Geneva Laverne( we sure love her) bakes them they are very special. Can't wait to try them.
Kathleen said…
Thanks so much for the recipe. I've been feeling very pumpkiny lately. On Monday I made both chocolate chip pumpkin bread and a pumpkin pie. (With a store bought crust because I can NOT make pie crust). I'm definitely going to try this recipe. I'm sure it's awesome. I noticed one of the comments was from someone who didn't necessarily appreciate you giving out the family recipes but I'd love to get a hold of the Bite Me chocolate chip cookie recipe as well.
You have a very fun blog. I'll have to check in frequently. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Hey, I used to work at Zales, and I used to go to Maglebys Muffins everyday, but I was a sucker for the Cranberry Orange or Lemon!

I have had blogging peer pressure, Larinda told me you were a blogger and I should check you out. Oh man, you are a serious blogger. I am impressed with you.

Now I am going to have to be a blog stalker and check up on you!
Brown Family said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brown Family said…
You are so funny and make me laugh outloud! I cant wait to try some of the cookie recipes! AND we too have a bakery around the corner and it has pumpkin bread to DIE for...i almost ate a whole loaf by myself!!!!!!!!!! YUM, three cheers to fall goodies.
Brown Family said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brown Family said… it posted i deleted the extra one...

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