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Happy Halloween... I Guess


{photo by Heather Ives}

I stole this from Kelly's sisters' blog. (This is where I get busted cause I didn't ask- but I love you Heather! And I think you are awesome and that Jacob and Maddy should get married!)

Anyway, I love her skills, and I especially love her pictures of a Quincy, IL cemetery. Check it out!

P.S. Yay for Halloween and that it's almost over! Now... let's celebrate the real holidays! Eggnog anyone?


Kim said...

I am not a fan of eggnog but I will take a cup of Christmas anyday! I think I might start having a "Yay! Halloween is over" holiday.

Sarah said...


I just barely saw the comment you left on my blog about Leigh's show!

Isn't is such a small world that I follow Kelly's blog and now Leigh is dating Mike? He's such a great guy. They seem really good and happy together.


Katie D. said...

I love Eggnog. Yum! Very cool photo.

heather said...

steal any time, and how old is Maddy again? smile.