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Happy Halloween... I Guess

{photo by Heather Ives}

I stole this from Kelly's sisters' blog. (This is where I get busted cause I didn't ask- but I love you Heather! And I think you are awesome and that Jacob and Maddy should get married!)

Anyway, I love her skills, and I especially love her pictures of a Quincy, IL cemetery. Check it out!

P.S. Yay for Halloween and that it's almost over! Now... let's celebrate the real holidays! Eggnog anyone?

I'm Not A "Fun" Kind of Girl

{Corny Kids- Cornbelly's 2008}

Not really. But maybe.
We, along with the rest of Utah County, went to the Corn Maze festivities this year. Aaron's brother Josh and his wife Cally invited us along with them, and when Aaron asked if I wanted to go, I said;
"I don't want to go. But I will."
So we went. And we went to the "David Narchuletta" corn maze. (My kids call him David Narchuletta- and I don't feel like correcting them.)
(And let me just say that I love Josh and Cally and family, and we had the best time with them!)
In addition to the corn maze, there were lots of other fun activities. Slides, large jumping things (I don't know what they were), a huge rocking chair, a mini maze, a little cow ride out in the corn field, and a giant, scary, dark tunnel . So, so, so many other fun, fun, fun things IN ADDITION to the corn maze.
I, in my nicest voice, suggested to Aaron "Let's skip the corn maze and just do this stuff!"
And, he, in his…

Today Is a Sappy, Thankful, Teary, Mushy Mom Day


There is little else better in this world than rocking your baby to sleep.

In my case, he happens to be 2 years old. And he actually prefers Aaron to rock him to sleep, especially after my being away for a long weekend. But when he lets me hold and snuggle him after a long, torturous day together, I am in heaven.

I have to admit, when I was 20-ish years old, working and schooling, I wondered if I would ever be a mom. Sometimes because I didn't think I had the patience to mother. And sometimes because I honestly thought I would be the unmarried Aunt who would kiss bright red lipstick all over her nieces and nephews.

And that thought came back to me the other night- I was in the middle of making dinner and Charlie was having a meltdown around my ankles, crying huge, crocodile tears. He was tired and hungry, and when my offers of appeasement offered no consolation to the poor boy, I finally left my dinner in the making to pick him up and hold him.

{Pause- my typical reaction would …

More From Charlie

{when he was 3}

Charlie: Mom, can you print me something on the computer? Me: Sure Chars... what do you want- Charlie: Um... a sandwich...

While waiting in line to pick up a prescription at Target, Charlie sang: "Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me fly away..."

He's cute... real cute.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday I stopped by Flour Girls & Dough Boys to get my Shortbread cookie fix. And I saw the most amazing Pumpkin Bar I've ever seen. It looked like cake, and it had chocolate chips AND cream cheese frosting. To die for. So I ordered one of those, too.
"Can I get 6 shortbread cookies, a pumpkin bar, and 20 pounds on my rear, please?"

Anyway, it was carpool day, so we sat in the kindergarten parking lot waiting for Max and friends. And I enjoyed my amazing pumpkin bar/cake/ piece of heaven. And then fondly recalled the days I worked at Zales in University Mall next to Magleby's Muffins- where every morning and at break time, I would alternate between their pumpkin chocolate chip muffin with cream cheese frosting, and their banana chocolate chip muffin with cream cheese frosting. Those were delicious days.

Do you remember Magleby's Muffins in University Mall? Wasn't it great? Don't you miss it? I think you can still get the muffins at Magleby&…