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Charlie James Michael Jeffrey Madsen McCaleb Grant- is not his full name

Jack & Charlie- September 2008

Sometimes I feel like I am raising the family I grew up in.

And if that's the case, then Charlie is my little brother Mikie. He's sweet- always telling me that he loves me. Always nice to his siblings. Always mostly an obedient child.

And completely in charge of his wardrobe. On Sunday, I laid out his church clothes, which included a sweater vest (I'm a sucker for my boys in a sweater vest). He came into the bathroom, all dressed except for the sweater vest. He didn't want to wear it because his teacher wouldn't be able to see his tie. I begged him to wear the sweater vest-

"Please! It will be soooooo cute!"

But he refused, saying "Mom, this is better."

I let it go. And even fixed his hair per his request. Combed to the side.

And after the 25th person told me how cute he looked at church on Sunday, I decided that maybe even at almost 4 years old... he knows what he's talking about.

He's also obsessed with Metro Station. We listen to "Shake It", on repeat, every time we are in the car.

Are you proud, Uncle Mikie? Cause he's totally taking after you. And while we're on the subject, Max is following in Uncle Matt's footsteps in that he is ALWAYS in trouble, and Jack is turning out to be the brute, monster child that Uncle Grant was. Genetics... amazing.


Coontz Clan said…
Is that really his name? Kind of long don't ya think! It will be interesting every time he moves into a new ward, or gets sustained for a calling, or set a part. What's your full name...
Mandee said…
I'm not that mean... his name is Charlie James... Mikie is Michael Jeffrey Madson McCaleb- he's the one with the long name!
That is awesome. You are raising the family you grew up in. That's what you get for picking on your brothers when we were too little to fight back(i.e. holding me down so Grant could punch me in my face). Granted, I think I was 15, but I was a late bloomer.
P.S. It's Madsen. Thanks sister.
Mandee said…
Sorry Mikie... it's just how my brain works these days. Barely functioning.
Abby said…
Chars is so Mikie it's crazy!

What if Remi is a little Mandee? hahaha, that would be so funny!
Is it amazing that our kids get it from one side of the family???

Kids can be right sometimes. I get that sometimes, too. They sure look darling in this picture.
G-rant said…
Charlie looks like a stud, I love Jack in that picture. He does remind me of myself, always wanting to be like his older brothers. Should we pass on the the nicknames that were given to me on to Jack. Animal, Monster, whatelse?
Neva said…
Too cute and too funny, I love it and Chars does look so handsome. He is getting so old I can't stand it.
Neva said…
Amy, I'm to blame for the loonnnggg name.
Katie said…
Roman REFUSES to wear vests and is now refusing to wear ties too. Dang that free-agency thing! Charlie does look so handsome, even with his hair combed to the side.
Deby said…
Your boys are so darn cute! They look like they are posing for a GQ ad.

Em. said…
I love him! He is sooooo cute!
Coontz Clan said…
So glad I checked back on the name thing!! I was really feeling sorry for that kid. I guess it was Mikie I should be feeling for.

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