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The Bewitching Hour

Or what I like to call, Mom Hell.

It starts around 4pm. Tired, grumpy, hungry kids that refuse to get along with each other or obey anything that I ask or demand or threaten them to do.

Today, after multiple warnings from Aaron that he would be in meetings all day long and possibly into the evening, he sent me this text:

It looks like the meetings will go into dinner tonight

Well, if that isn't the best news I've heard all day. This coming after I had to;

  • battle 3 little kids while at the dermatologist with the 2 older kids (not realizing that Charlie got in the car without shoes and chocolate smeared on his face- we were the most amazing white trash ever)
  • threaten Max that he would not have a birthday if he didn't stop his relentless whining
  • comfort Jack after 3 non-bleeding falls
  • write one $78 check for Maddy's choir dress (do you know what kind of cute I can get at the Gap clearance rack for that?)
  • cancel family pictures (with Jonathan Canlas, no less) because of the aforementioned "surprise" meetings.
Stick a fork in me 'cause I'm done.

And do you want to know what else? I hate Halloween. I hate Halloween because my kids want to dress up as Star Wars characters and I can't sew which means I have to force myself to buy the plastic, nylon, cheap, obnoxious looking stuff from Target, which is still way overpriced even at $19.99.

Someone give me a happy pill.


AzĂșcar said…
Does THIS make you happy?

That's the best I can do on short notice.
Coontz Clan said…
Oh it must be in the air!! About an hour after everyone was home from school, they had all disappeared!! Because I was on a rampage, and tired of lazy, messy kids!

I will hope for a better day tomorrow. Shouldn't be too hard.
Julie Huish said…
Mandee- I'm not kidding- I totally call it the witching hour too! We all have those days. I love how you can write the sweetest things about your kids but then you also write the real deal that we all can relate to.
malouf said…
All I gotta say about that is: Amen
Eliza said…
"the most amazing white trash ever" hahahaha you made my day a little happier! Tomorrow will be better. Now drink a Dr. Pepper and watch something trashy on t.v.
Neva said…
Just don't slam the cupboard doors or start the vacuum or your kids will be scared like mine(you) are.
Now maybe you will cut me some slack ;) Love you lots! Mom
Deby said…
What is it about that time of day? That is when my own two little ones become little terrors.

BTW, COSTCO has some really cute costumes for $10 right now.
kelly mccaleb said…
duh, BRING THEM OVER!!!!!!!
CJ said…
Better than my choir fees at about $850. It was pretty ridiculous! But that came with 3 different outfits and all fees for competing!
Even with my two wild boys touching EVERYTHING at Target, it drove me nuts. I guess it has something to do with the "Halloween" air.

David said we probably drove our parents NUTS when we were young,too. It is all about being paid back.
Hailey said…
I've read about ten blogs that have mentioned the bewitching hours between 4 and 6. If you ever want to escape to Provo, I'm sure we could entertain you (and feed you treats!)
Tamara Atkin said…
Mandee, you probably barely know who I am. (Tami Prado - now Atkin). I found your blog as I was checking out Amy Maughan's and then Amy Coontz's. I liked everything you wrote so much, especially the stuff about Sarah Palin, that I decided to add you as a link. I also love anything that reminds me of my glorious experience as an east bakersfield youth. Anyway, just thought I'd say,Hi.
G-rant said…
Anonymous said…
You are better than me - I just lock mine in the garage and leave them there for an hour, or until they learn their lesson :)
Abby said…
Me so sorry!
summer said…
You thought 4pm was the bewitching hour at your house, just come visit mine!! I call it that all the time. And it all seems to come crashing down when my happy energetic Ammon gets off his bus (at 4!!) and goes untill he is down for the night!! The others are no angels either. He is just has that "dominoe effect" on us all and everything around him!! But you know I love him more than the whole universe!!! I am glad to know there are so many of us out there being grumpy at our kids after school. It makes me feel better!
Heidi and Rich said…
Yeah - what is it about 4 pm until Dad gets home? Then Dad walks in the door and they are all chipper and lovey on their Dad. Then Dad looks at Mom and wonders why she is in a bad mood...they have no idea what happens between 4pm and whenever they get home!!!! I hope we all survive it - and yes Neva - I now give my mom a lot more slack seeing as she had 7 kids and I only have 2 and yet I lose it. No wonder she lost it on occasion.
Katie D. said…
So do you get to reschedule the pictures so you can order some cute Tiny Prints cards?
Em. said…
Oh girl...I hate days like this. Call me next time and I will be there with a treat. Better yet drop it all and come over to the salon and soak your feet! :)

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