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The Bewitching Hour

Or what I like to call, Mom Hell.

It starts around 4pm. Tired, grumpy, hungry kids that refuse to get along with each other or obey anything that I ask or demand or threaten them to do.

Today, after multiple warnings from Aaron that he would be in meetings all day long and possibly into the evening, he sent me this text:

It looks like the meetings will go into dinner tonight

Well, if that isn't the best news I've heard all day. This coming after I had to;

battle 3 little kids while at the dermatologist with the 2 older kids (not realizing that Charlie got in the car without shoes and chocolate smeared on his face- we were the most amazing white trash ever) threaten Max that he would not have a birthday if he didn't stop his relentless whining comfort Jack after 3 non-bleeding fallswrite one $78 check for Maddy's choir dress (do you know what kind of cute I can get at the Gap clearance rack for that?)cancel family pictures (with Jonathan Canlas, no less) because of the afore…

Saying Goodbye to Summer

It's overcast and rainy today. Cozy.

And even though I'm sure we still have more beautiful, sunshiny, autumnal days to look forward to, today I bid a fond farewell to summer. I will miss you more than you know.

Last Monday, we spent family night at the park withfamily. While on the swings, Max said "this is the best day of my life!" and after hearing him say that, I decided it was one of the best days of my life, too.

Charlie James Michael Jeffrey Madsen McCaleb Grant- is not his full name

Jack & Charlie- September 2008
Sometimes I feel like I am raising the family I grew up in.

And if that's the case, then Charlie is my little brother Mikie. He's sweet- always telling me that he loves me. Always nice to his siblings. Always mostly an obedient child.

And completely in charge of his wardrobe. On Sunday, I laid out his church clothes, which included a sweater vest (I'm a sucker for my boys in a sweater vest). He came into the bathroom, all dressed except for the sweater vest. He didn't want to wear it because his teacher wouldn't be able to see his tie. I begged him to wear the sweater vest-

"Please! It will be soooooo cute!"

But he refused, saying "Mom, this is better."

I let it go. And even fixed his hair per his request. Combed to the side.

And after the 25th person told me how cute he looked at church on Sunday, I decided that maybe even at almost 4 years old... he knows what he's talking about.

He's also obsessed with Metro…


Jack is talking really well these days. Really well. And he loves trucks. For his birthday, Grandma Jojo and Grandpa Brad gave him a truck book. He loves his truck book. And he loves to say truck. Only it doesn't come out "truck". It comes out sounding like "duck" but with an "f" instead of a "d".

A few weeks ago, Aaron put Jack's truck book in my church bag. During Sacrament Meeting, when Jack saw it, he wanted to look at the "trucks"... except it didn't come out "truck" if you know what I mean.

Anyway... he is our first foul mouthed child. And we (the occasionally crass Mormons that we are) have been having fun with it. In the video, he actually says truck, but then we trip him up with "Parker". We are so mean.

And he is so cute. If I could keep him this age forever I would in a heartbeat. (But without the poopy diapers, and the swearing.)


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Happy Autumn

It's September 1st. And cold. And already my skin is drying up, and I am craving diet coke and Reese's PB Cups.

That was a short lived summer. I am still holding out for a few more warm days before my seasonal retarded disorder is in full effect. But so far today, I didn't put makeup on, I am dressed in mom sweats, and I didn't leave the house. (Well, except for when I went to pick up Charlie from Grant & Kelly's house.)

There are a lot of things that I like about fall, though. Like cozy Saturday mornings in bed. Pumpkins and pie. Eating anything with cream cheese. Jeans, sweaters, and cute boots, too. Crisp, beautiful days. Leaves changing color. College football. New episodes of my favorite shows. And creamy, potato soup. Because like I've said before, nothing beats an Autumn day in Utah.

Does fall remind anyone else of Who's The Boss?

Anyway, even though it's not officially here until September 22nd, 2008, I just wanted to give a cool 62 degree welco…