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Surviving Lagoon in '08


Can I get a sticky high-five?!

Every year I have a little less apprehension in going to the Company Family Day at Lagoon. This year I was actually a little bit excited to go... mostly because we had talked the Romines into coming with us! And you all know how much we love the Romines. Plus, we unexpectedly ran into the Rachie's and that was the best surprise of the day!

Here are some pictures from our sticky day. Proof that we had a great time... even after I spilled my full cup of diet coke all over myself in front of Aaron's work peeps. Nothing says classy, graceful, and impressive like that. Thanks again for the napkins girls!

Proof that they actually like each other some of the time.

Jack's favorite person in the whole wide world is his dad.


Ani & Jazi

He starts kindergarten on Monday... holding back the tears even as I type.

And lastly, a special thanks to FAST & FranklinCovey- for without them, Lagoon would not be possible.


Satan you're evil said...

that picture of Max and Charlie is amazing! It made me go "awwwweee". Love you guys.

Abby said...

I'd have second Mikie on that picture! So cute!

I love the Romines too!

Anonymous said...

Mandee...should I start a blog? Isn't it a girly thing? Don't your brothers blog? I know Grant's kind of girly at times though...

Anonymous said...

I'm joking!

Rachie said...

It was such a fin surpise to see you there!