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My (Child's) First Day of Kindergarten

It's a big day for the both of us. One that I've been both wishing for and dreading. Praying would hurry and get here, and hoping would never arrive. Dreaming of, and having HUGE anxiety over.

My first child's first day of kindergarten.

It was a sleepless night.

I'll be back with pictures and to let you all know how it went! I'm imagining either huge tears or kicking my heals in the air!

And by all means, let me know how your first day with your first born going off to kindergarten was. Did you cry? Did you do high kicks all the way out to the car and then treat yourself to a gourmet lunch? And does it get easier with the next one?

And seriously... who has their finger on the FF button of the time machine... cause I swear I just gave birth to the kid like 5 minutes ago.

Wish me luck and high kicks...

I didn't cry. I wasn't sad. But I didn't do high kicks, either. (Only because I don't know how).

He has such a great teacher, and he was so excited to go, and he's been in preschool for the last two years... so I think between all of that, I was more excited for him than sad for me. Or maybe I got it all out when I cried on his first day in Primary, or when he went to his first "friend" birthday party at 3 years old, or last week when we met Mrs. Anderson for the first time and he said "Mom, I really like my teacher."

Whatever the reason, I'm pretty proud of myself. And of my Maxwell! We did it!

Maxwell. Almost 6. First day of Kindergarten.


Wendy said…
Kindergarten was fine for me...after two years of preschool it didn't feel like a big deal. I had a lot more anxiety over first grade, because it is 7 hours apart. I still wonder a month into it how he does it, but for him it is not big deal. All that sweat and stress from me and he just acts cool. No big deal.

I miss him and so does McKay! All day long "when will Tay be home?" Good thing he starts pre-school next week.
Urmston Family said…
Our first day of school went great. When it was time for my oldest to start kindergarten she was so ready and loved it. We had only time were she was a little sad to see me leave. Now when my youngest leaves for kindergarten that will be a completely differant experience. Have a good day.
Amanda Jane said…
our first day was a little of everything. I was so starry eyed excited but sad to see her grow up. and then I felt so guilty I didn't cry that I teared up a bit. fast forward to the first day of THIRD grade - so relieved school is back in session and number 2 starts too! one more to go - if I can survive the guilt of loving a longer school day I will let you know. hello clean house, good by no time to myself. (a girl can dream.)
Amanda Jane said…
that should say goodbye - maybe I need to retake third grade...
Katie said…
I didn't cry on McKay's first day of Kindergarten. I didn't cry on her first day of 1st grade either. She's learning and loving it and I'm getting a lot more things accomplished at my house. School rocks! Max will love it!
brooke said…
Today is my oldest child's (Luke)first day of kindergarten as well. I asked him what he was most excited about for kindergarten and he replied that I get to come with him on the first day. That made me teary eyed. He loved it. It is harder on me not having him home to play with his 3 yr old sister and entertain her. That will be the big adjustment.
Coontz Clan said…
I gave birth the day after Zac's first day of kindergarten. So I was really only thinking of how I needed to get the 9lb 3oz baby out of me. He was fine and took off to class with out us.
I cried. It doesn't mean I wasn't excited to grocery shop with one child. I still cried.
grandma jojo said…
wow max your first day! how was it? i can't wait to hear about school and your teacher. you look very official!
Abby said…
I can't believe he's in school already! He looks very cute but I'm a little disappointed I can't see his shoes in that picture. Which ones did he get?
Anonymous said…
I am hoping I never have to see him go off to school...but its inevitable I guess.

You have one cute kiddo Mandee!

p.s. the talks are in the works for a Seattle girls trip next year...
I had thought about Dylan the whole day when he went on his first day of school to Kindergarten because I had to work/teach Junior High School students... David helped me to feel better because he was there and took several pictures of him. The interpreter was also there for my husband.

Before Dylan entered the class, he was excited and showed his pride. By the time, he was in the class: he had his fingers in his mouth. Knowing that means he had mixed feelings: to ease his nervous. But after he first day of Kindergarten, he blabbered all about his first day of school. He loved it.
Anonymous said…
I knew you would both survive!! I thought about you several times throughout the day. What a handsome young man! Just perfect for my Elyse.
Heather said…
The first day of school has never been hard for me. It's always the LAST day (especially of kindergarten) when I get teary. It's always amazing to think back to the first day and see how much they've grown over the past year and it's hard to say goodbye to wonderful teachers who were so good to your kids.

2 years ago, on Chad's last day of 1st grade, he secretly took my piano sheet music for "100 Years" by 5 for Fighting to school. (Our family loves that song!) I found out later that day that he sang the WHOLE song to his teacher - in front of the class! She cried and I cried when she told me about it. Chad gets mad at me if he ever overhears me telling that story. Good thing he doesn't read blogs!

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