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Jack Jack is Two


You guys, I love my baby. So much.

So much, I can't get enough of him. So much, I sometimes laugh when he does bad stuff. So much, that I get excited when I hear that he's awake for the day or up from his nap. So much, that it makes me insanely jealous that he prefers his dad over me.

Happy Birthday Lubs. I love you.

photos by KM


Coontz Clan said...

That boy is beautiful!!

Laura and the family said...

Mandee, you are right. He is so funny.. I enjoyed seeing his innocent face especially he enjoyed spilling the cold water on my face. I had to laugh... Happy Birthday, Jack Jack!

grandma jojo said...

happy birthday jack jack. i love you. love the new pics too!

Abby said...

Happy Birthday to my Yack Yacks! I love him! I love those pictures, they are awesome!

Aimee said...


Deby said...

Could he get any cuter? And those eyes are amazing!