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My (Child's) First Day of Kindergarten

It's a big day for the both of us. One that I've been both wishing for and dreading. Praying would hurry and get here, and hoping would never arrive. Dreaming of, and having HUGE anxiety over.

My first child's first day of kindergarten.

It was a sleepless night.

I'll be back with pictures and to let you all know how it went! I'm imagining either huge tears or kicking my heals in the air!

And by all means, let me know how your first day with your first born going off to kindergarten was. Did you cry? Did you do high kicks all the way out to the car and then treat yourself to a gourmet lunch? And does it get easier with the next one?

And seriously... who has their finger on the FF button of the time machine... cause I swear I just gave birth to the kid like 5 minutes ago.

Wish me luck and high kicks...

I didn't cry. I wasn't sad. But I didn't do high kicks, either. (Only because I don't know how).

He has such a great teacher, and he was so excited t…

Surviving Lagoon in '08

Can I get a sticky high-five?!

Every year I have a little less apprehension in going to the Company Family Day at Lagoon. This year I was actually a little bit excited to go... mostly because we had talked the Romines into coming with us! And you all know how much we love the Romines. Plus, we unexpectedly ran into the Rachie's and that was the best surprise of the day!

Here are some pictures from our sticky day. Proof that we had a great time... even after I spilled my full cup of diet coke all over myself in front of Aaron's work peeps. Nothing says classy, graceful, and impressive like that. Thanks again for the napkins girls!

Proof that they actually like each other some of the time.

Jack's favorite person in the whole wide world is his dad.


Ani & Jazi

He starts kindergarten on Monday... holding back the tears even as I type.

And lastly, a special thanks to FAST & FranklinCovey- for without them, Lagoon would not be possible.

He's a Good, Good Boy

I first have to say that I love my "bonus" kids. Love them. I couldn't have married Aaron unless I loved them as much as I did then. And I love them more, now. Parker and Maddy live with us 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

But some of you may know (from personal experience or otherwise) that step/bonus relationships come with their own set of challenges. Different from the challenges that my 2 year old gives us- like destroying a Wii and the Xbox all in one day- but challenges nonetheless.

And when it's challenging... it's challenging. Especially when you throw into the mix raging, teenage hormones.

But when it's great, it's the best day of my life. Seriously, so happy I could burst.

And lately, Parker has been a peach. Happy, helpful, hilarious- in a really good mood. And let me tell you. I LOVE that kid when he's happy. Love him! (I love him when he's grumpy, too.)
Today is his birthday. Seventeen years …

Kohlers Bakery Has The BEST Donuts-

But mostly, I buy them just to hear Jack say...

"dun dun's pease?"

Jack Jack is Two

You guys, I love my baby. So much. So much, I can't get enough of him. So much, I sometimes laugh when he does bad stuff. So much, that I get excited when I hear that he's awake for the day or up from his nap. So much, that it makes me insanely jealous that he prefers his dad over me. Happy Birthday Lubs. I love you.

photos by KM