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Why I Love Being The Mom- Day 1

This is my fat baby. And he is getting so big. So old. He's growing up. At 21 months he thinks he's one of the boys, and tries to do everything they do. He LOVES being outside. He loves to dump his cereal on the ground and announce "done!", he loves to give "dones" (stones) and "fie" (high fives), and as you can see he also really loves cookies.


Alifinale said…
He is so stinkin' cute! I love that he loves cookies even though I almost wanted to snag those from him (for myself).
grandma jojo said…
he sure is looking like aaron. sitting with one leg behind him - that's an aaron pose for sure. he is so dang cute. i want to kiss those chubby cheeks.
Kim said…
i am pretty sure you cannot be blood related to Neva and not love cookies. It is in the genes.
Abby said…
He is so funny! And so freakin cute! I love him!
kelly said…
oh jack jack, you are so cute!
Wendy said…
what a cutie pie....he may have some chubber cheeks, but I don't know about fat? Chubbie cheeks are the best for kissing!
Jaime said…
Mandee, he is so cute. I love his little face in the picture where he is sitting on the table. Who wouldn't love a pile of cookies that looked like that!
Neva said…
He's my little chub a luba and I'm so happy he is my little Bite Me Cookie Baby
lacey said…
I love that baby! I have a 20 month old- his ONLY sign he knows from "Signing Time" is, of course, cookie.

You mirror me- I am not the favorite either. I just wish I could be more fun. I try. It is just not so natural for me to roll around on the floor and wrestle. Then, my baby who still only says, "Daddy" to everyone, said, "Wii" yesterday and my significant other had to point out that he said "Wii" before "Mommy." He thought it was funny, me not so much.
Deby said…
He is WAY cute!! I can't wait to hug him in July. I especially love his little look in the last picture.
He's too darn cute for a Cookie Monster enough to grab his delicious cookies away from him. Glad, he got a handful of cookies.

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