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Lesson Learned

Seriously. It seemed like such a great idea. A really great idea. And if we could pull it off, it would be such a huge accomplishment. HUGE accomplishment.
We really should be able to make it to 1 o'clock church on time. Even early enough to actually sit on a cushioned bench. But we don't. We are late. And we sit with the overflow crowd where cheerios fly, kids scream, and Lightening McQueen casually rolls past me. I mean, we are so much better than that.
So we planned ahead. Saturday was the "get-the-work-done-day" where we cleaned the house and ironed our clothes (that song totally works). And Sunday, we were ready and out the door by 12:32pm. Enough time to actually walk and wagon ride to church. And since gas costs as much as my right hand is worth, it seemed like another good idea.

We arrived. We wisely selected the very last cushioned bench (our fat baby still requires quick getaways when he belts out a good screaming fit) and it fit our family perfectly. We ea…

The Best Babysitter

September 30th, 2002- UVRMC, Provo, UT

It's official. I'm not pregnant. But, like, half of the women on Aaron's side of the family are. Okay... more like 5 of them are. All due within 3-4 months of each other, with most of the babies due in December and January. And typically, babies are born in sets of three on that side of the family... so we're waiting for one more announcement.

It won't be from me.

While I am SO EXCITED for all of them... I really, truly am... and a little bit jealous... really and truly... I am also relieved that it's not me making an announcement. Cause I am so done having babies... especially when I feel like I still have 3 of them... and in reality, I still have one very sweet and monstrous baby boy who makes a great caboose.

And right about now I have a handful of friends who are due any day... any week... last week... 2 days ago... who are hating life. Happy to be giving birth at any given moment, or with the doctors scheduled permission.…

Why I Love Being The Mom- Day 3, 4, 5

I am enjoying a Mothers Day hang over right now. I had a really nice day, and enjoyed being appreciated.

I had big plans last week to post something special about each of my kids. But I was too busy being a mom... and ran out of time. And I can't blog about 2 of my kids, and not the others. So this will have to do.

To Max- You were my first baby. Our first baby. And you were more amazing than I dreamed you would be. One night you fell asleep in my arms... you were just a few months old. Your dad came over to pick you up and put you in bed, and as he held you he said "We've waited so long for you."

And we did. We both waited so long for you to come into our lives. You were the baby that first made me a mother, at 27. You were the baby that made us all a family. You were the baby your dad and I both wondered if we would ever have... before we even knew each other. You were the joy that we prayed and hoped for. You healed old wounds, hurt feelings, broken hearts, and showe…

Why I Love Being The Mom- Day 2

Because I get to have conservations like these...

Charlie: Hey Mom!
Me: What Charlie?
Charlie: Darth Vader is my Father.
Me: You are so lucky...


Charlie: Hey Mom!
Me: What Charlie?
Charlie: I poo-ed my pants...
Me: Why did you poo your pants?
Charlie: I don't know, but I still love you.


In the car...
Charlie: Hey Mom, what does that sign say?
Me: It says Mountain America Credit Union.
Charlie: (said as a matter of fact) No it doesn't... it says Pop Tarts.

Why I Love Being The Mom- Day 1

This is my fat baby. And he is getting so big. So old. He's growing up. At 21 months he thinks he's one of the boys, and tries to do everything they do. He LOVES being outside. He loves to dump his cereal on the ground and announce "done!", he loves to give "dones" (stones) and "fie" (high fives), and as you can see he also really loves cookies.