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I Can't Compete

Date With Dad July 2007

I have some competitiveness in me. Just a little. And only when it comes to certain things. Like board games, James Bond- the video game, and wrestling matches with Aaron. (I have some serious core strength.)

Other things, I've learned are not worth trying to compete for and with. Like winning the affections of my children. And Jazz games.

I went out of town for the weekend. A "Girls Weekend Out" with a good friend from my childhood (better known as BFF) and a new friend who we are trying to talk into blogging. (You can do it, Kim, you really can!) More details on that great get-a-away later. But like our family life is every day, things got crazy, and a few days before I left, Aaron was scheduled to leave town on business the same day I got home. Luckily, we were able to meet up at the airport after I arrived, and before he departed. It went like this:

Me: Is everyone still alive?
Aaron: The kids are really funny.
Me: But are they alive?
Aaron: Of cours…

Best Week Ever

It really, really, really was. I don't love going on vacation, but I suck it up because the rest of my family does. Even Jack. (Especially Jack.) I think the biggest reason I enjoyed this vacation so much was because my kids (even Jack), were all so good. With the exception of Charlie pooing his pants at CA Adventure, we loved every minute of every vacation day!

We had a small moment of dread when the a/c went out between Primm and Baker. But it was a good opportunity for our kids to experience what vacation was like back in the day.

"And the water we drank from a pitcher... it was warm. And at night, we would sleep on the floor since we didn't have to wear seat belts. In fact, one of our cars didn't even have seat belts. No videos, not even a walkman. You don't even know how lucky you are..."

But back to our trip with all of the current technology. We went to Disneyland, along with the rest of Utah County, and stayed in Newport along with 10 other families from…

So Ridiculously Happy To Be Home

Just got home from our best vacation ever... seriously. Ever. And I can't wait to tell you all about it!

For now, I just have to say that I have the cutest little boys in the world! Dang, I love them!

And for now, I also just have to say that I am very, super, really happy to sleep in my own bed.