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Take Two of These And Call Me In The Morning...

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I had a friend tell me that my life gives her a headache. And I wasn't offended after I realized that my life gives me a headache, too.

It's crazy. It's busy. It's loud. And it's... crazy. And I wonder every day how my mom (and yours) did it. Seriously. How did they do it?

They all had lots of kids. They were involved in PTA. They all offered countless hours of service to church activities. They were taxi drivers, and soccer moms, and even took us to the school rollerskating parties. Dance class. Piano lessons. Girl Scouts. Sporting events. Camping trips. They read to us, played games with us, AND cleaned the house. I had dinner every night, breakfast every morning, and a homemade lunch EVERY school day of my life. (And let me tell you, it was delicious.)

How in the holy hannah did they do it all?

I keep thinking that one day I will get used to a busy life. That I will acclimate. That it will feel normal. That I won't develop a headache when think about the week ahead. And that the next time Jack dumps a new box of cereal all over the kitchen floor, that it will be funny. (Because today it wasn't at all funny to me.)

Because instead of handling it all like my mom did, I become forgetful.

"Oh sorry, I totally forgot about that meeting."

"Crap! I was supposed to pick up from preschool today!"

So I look forward to my days when I don't have to be somewhere by a certain time, and I can lounge in my pajamas, and answer the phone only if I feel like talking to that person. A day when no one has anything scheduled. No soccer game, no preschool, no piano- oh wait, we quit piano. No choir. No volleyball tournament. No church meetings. No school meetings. Just a beautiful sun-shiny day all to ourselves, without any demands on our time. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

So here's to hoping for the day that I will develop the same Super-Human-Super-Powers that my mom had, combined with Donna Reed's charming mother instinct. And be THAT kind of mom, instead of The Mom that is reaching for the ibuprofen when I find out about a soccer meeting that is scheduled on an already booked up night.

Feel free to leave any advice in your comment... I'm sure it will be helpful.

And in case you were wondering- I had a really great birthday!


Neva said…
Aw that's so sweet, I'm sure glad your memory is not so good. I wish that was all true, but I'm so happy that is the way you remember it all.
Love you, Mom
amanda jane said…
I feel you sister. and I only have three little ones to bussle around. I'll be checking back for the advice, sadly I don't have any to offer.
Anonymous said…
So true! Somedays I wish I could go back in time and relive the good 'ole days because our mom's were AWESOME!
We are good moms - I doubt that many times during the day, but we are. It is hard at times to choose when we have multiple "good choices" in front of us - that makes me feel even more guilty when I say no or or can't do it.
My mom forwarded me something this morning about how Satan works on us - here is the most IMPORTANT TOOL THAT SATAN has to use against us - Planting seeds of discouragement is really all that he can do to us and then we do the rest to ourselves by believing that it's true.

So, always remember that we can do all that we pursue in righteousness and putting our best foot forward.

I love Sister Beck's talk from last RS Conference - re-read it!

I am so glad you had a GREAT birthday! Were you able to blow out all of your candles ;)
Alifinale said…
Happy belated birthday! I hope it was great and maybe you got to wear your pajamas all day.

I have no advice but you have made me want to crawl into the fetal position for fear of my years ahead of me. I just keep telling myself that other people seem to have figured it out so maybe I will to.
Urmston Family said…
I have an incredible neighbor down the street who tells me very time I see her how lucky I am that I get to stay home with my kids. Sometimes I enjoy the craziness like chipped teeth from falling in the bathtub or after telling my girls to clean their room I find the mess stuffed into the closet.I just laugh and tell myself one day I will miss this. Of course I am writing this while I should be finishing dinner and telling everyone to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!
Abby said…
Here's my advice... whoever told you that your life gives them a headache tell them to go to hell and don't ever talk to them again! Rude Ass!

And one day you will miss all the craziness, you know mom does!

Wendy said…
I think people tried to tell us is would be hard, but I either wasn't listening, or ignored them. You win the prize for mom with the mostest, kiddies that is. You are wonder woman...even when you don't think you are!
Good for you for quitting piano. Best thing my mom ever let me do. No talent makes for hard times.
Deby said…
Woman, I am so feeling you! And I only have three kids to take care of and one husband. I think you are amazing and wonderful and I love you. I'm glad that you had a great birthday.

I can offer no advice when I am attempting to juggle being on the Campfire Board of Directors, continue bookkeeping for Bob and attempt to have some friends (it is hard to maintain those with my schedule). I always feel I am always one step behind. I forgot a parent meeting or to fill out a form for Katya.

I console myself realizing that my house is messy and will remain so for a few more years. Then I can make the little ones clean up their own messes! But by then, Katya will be away at college and I will miss her terribly.

Tell you what, if I win the lottery I'll hire you a nanny and a housekeeper to help us both!! Love ya!
The MacMizzles said…
Wow, did you not just spell it all out for every mom in society! I have decided that our moms did forget things, or improvise, and change things around to adapt. But as children, we just didn't remember! We tend to only remember how they impacted our lives for the better.

Cut yourself some slack, and remember, your mom could leave the kids in the car and run into the post office without being taken to jail.
Neva said…
Ya, but her Mom never left them in the car alone. They would have driven off and left me stranded.
"Her Mom"
Likely said…
neva - that is what mt mom says too :)

mandee- we have such fond memories of childhood. I am sure that our moms felt very similar, but we just didn't know how they felt. We can take solace in the hope that our kids remember things like we remembered them!
k8shoe said…
And that is why I should have stopped at two! Kidding, we'll take this third one gratefully but I think that is all my sanity can handle. The thing is Mandee, you might have all of this craziness in your life but you pull it off and look good while doing it! I NEVER see you without make-up and bee-autiful hair. You are a great mom and your kids are so lucky to have you!
emily said…
Mandee, you will survive no matter how hard it gets. The only advice I can give you is, financial advisors always say, "pay yourself first." I really believe in this. I think that to keep yourself leveled you need personal time. I think every mom should budget babysitting money every week to get out of the house. Not always with hubby, sometimes during the day to run errands without kids and pick-up a shake or a diet coke. I tell you being able to go out for even one hour with out the kids will energize you like never before. But, you have to promise yourself that you will do it every week. You will be surprised how much it helps.

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